Teen Scarred by Nude Woodstock Photos of Grandmother!

Chris Smiley, 17, was horrified to learn, that the photos he had been enjoying a little too much, were actually naked photos of his Grandma at Woodstock.

“I was just playing around on the internet and I came across some photos of hot chicks at Woodstock, 1969. There was one particular photo that caught my attention and fancy. My Grandfather walked in and caught me and said to me ‘hey you know that’s your Grandmother, right?’.

Chris immediately threw the laptop out the window and attempted to pour bleach in his eyes. “I was screaming No, No, No and running around frantically. I threw up, I cried and I had explosive diarrhea. This is the same woman that took me to Chuck E Cheese, baked cookies for me and wears Christmas sweaters. How could it be the same person that I saw in the photos naked? I will never be the same.”

Grandma at Woodstock 1969

The Grandmother, Ellen Guarante of Plano Texas attended the original Woodstock festival in 1969. “It was a different time”, said Ellen, “I was young, naked, wasted and having a great time in all of my glory. I was a hot patootie, I can’t blame the boy for enjoying my body. There is nothing to be ashamed about.”

Young Chris is now forever emotionally scarred and has hysterical blindness.

Published by Madhouse Magazine ~ August 17, 2019

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