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    from one of our contributors…

    This SOUNDS Great. I too wish all Americans could be friends, but just how in the hell are Conservative Christians supposed to “make friends” with New Black Panthers and their ilk and followers who call for entering White Churches and murdering everybody in sight, or telling their followers “we gonna have to kill some white babies in their cribs”?!??!!???

    How In the Hell Do I — a Christian Conservative make a friendship with a Damned Communist Democrat, who I know desires the abrogation of the Constitution and the eradication of U.S Sovereignty through open borders and the destruction of our republic?

    This meme represents a nice sweet pie-in-the-sky fantasy. It’s not going to happen for many years yet to come, not until we as a people and a nation, supported by the largest numbers of the population, choose One Path together. And for the life of me, I cannot see how the nation moves forward towards socialism, with the certain knowledge it destroys economies, freedom and liberty and places the people under total government control and living in tyranny, often times murdered and terrorized by those most hardcore proponents of Marx’s philosophy. Any hard left lurch is certain to result in civil war all across the nation in the not too distant future.

    NO ___ There Can Only Be One America, and America MUST Continue Under the Founding Principles with a jealous defense of Freedom and Liberty for All. There can never be a socialist or communist America, in the minds of any and all who truly love Freedom, Independence and Individual Liberty, and for anyone who thinks differently, you are already lost and a serf at the altar of the Super-State, a slave to government who has already embraced their Cold Chains.

    For me, the only path forward for America is that which provides the greatest prosperity and freedom and individual liberty for all. Any alternative to this that offers less, or demands my relinquishment of any portion of my God Given Rights and my rights under the U.S. Bill of Rights is not any option in my mind, and I will fight to the death against any entity, group or administration that attempts to suppress those rights ……. So Help Me God ‘Til My Last Dying Gasp.

    de Oppresso Liber – Deus Vult – In Liberty ~ Justin O Smith

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