Heart Wrenching… Know Your Rights!

It’s time… I’ve held my story in for six months, save for a few close friends and family knowing, and it’s time to break the silence of fear. The fear of repercussions that would come from sharing this with anyone who may not know me personally or understand the nuances of what happened. The fear of offending someone who holds a different belief system than I do. Fear of someone who may think I am ungrateful or unkind. Fear that I may get negative feedback or retaliation.

Despite all of those fears, I have to trust that speaking out and sharing my story could help a mama or daddy out there somewhere find the courage they need to stand up for themselves. I am writing this to you… so here it goes…(deep breath)…

This is my sweet baby boy. He is only 21 days old in this picture, and as you can see, he is hooked up to a half a dozen cords and things that beep. I took this picture to remind myself to tell this story someday when the trauma had worn off a bit. I guess today is that day.

It all began when my husband came home from work this past January looking very ill. After suffering at home for a day, he decided to go into urgent care. I stayed home with the kids. When he called and told me he tested positive for Influenza A and was on his way to the hospital for fluids, I panicked a bit but kept my cool.

I had never dealt with the flu. A bad cold, yes! But not the stinking, ugly, terrible, no good flu. Continue to full story…

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