It happens with every president. During Obama’s years, his supporters were willing to give away their rights at the time. This is how the game has been played for years, and how they manipulate both sides against mainstream America. the same thing happens with immigration.

The left pretends to hate guns the most, but it’s the right who usually passes anti-gun legislation, to shut the right up during the process. The left also pretends to be pro immigration but it’s usually the right that gives amnesty bills. And business owners on the right usually profit the most from cheap immigrant labor. And this method is used on every issue. There is no left or right. Both sides are hungry for power, and they like having a powerful government behind them.

It’s a game, and the masters of the game are clever. Long ago, I learned how they play it, and I no longer participate in their regularly scheduled rituals to choose a master. I see it for what it is….mass manipulation to herd the sheeple whichever way the masters want. ~ David Lee Williams, August 6, 2019

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