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There is far more to the problems of this nation than that of the loathsome polly-ticians doing their best to ruin America. Frankly – I am sickened by the pure hate and ugliness that is permeating this nation today. False News headlines and outright lies told by the mainstream entertainment division that passes for ‘News‘ on a daily, hourly and ‘up to the minute’ basis.

In mid-February, I was forced to make a very tough decision which, explained our plans for the family of website produced by Kettle Moraine Publications. The project of merging Metropolis Café into the Federal Observer has thus far been arduous, however I am pleased thus far with the results. WE hope to soon complete the project.

To reiterate our previous column – when the Federal Observer began in 2001, we had two categories, which we felt were extremely important, Village of the Damned, which targeted America’s Public Education System. The second category, was the one that shocked us out of our shoes, and in fact was somewhat of a sub-category of Village…Words that Men Lived By. With no exception – it maintained a world-wide audience, as it was inclusive of a wide period of history, through the words and papers of many known and not-so-well known people – and not just American – but in some cases – some of the most profound writings of world-renowned authors, including Bastiat, Dickens, Ponet, Thoreau and many others. Said category is now known as Words and Deeds and currently has eight chapters active – but it will never be complete, yet will continue to expand, so please continue to share these pages with your children and grandchildren so that they will have a basis of historical knowledge.

Le Metropolis Café

Interestingly, my fifteen year-old granddaughter and I were out for a late evening bite to eat and the discussion of the meaning of ‘Independence Day’ came up – and frankly – I was completely shocked at her lack of knowledge of the subject. She has always had an interest in history but has had few teachers who were REAL history teachers. The system doesn’t seem to allow it. To these children today – it is nothing more than a day for bar-b-que and fireworks – a day to party. It tells us a lot about the frailty of the Public School System – and that is something I still wish to combat – through the pages of the Federal Observer.

…and Hey – this is an important battle that challenges ALL of us to participate in – for the future of this nation. I extend an open invitation to our readers to provide us links to worthwhile articles and education tools, which will allow us to expand this endeavor. Please email your recommended submissions to and mark the Subject line, “Education Submission.”

At present, we have migrated nearly 200 columns from the Metropolis Café website to Le Metropolis Café within the Observer. It is our hope that within the next two weeks, that we can arrange for a massive one-day migration through our platform provider – and yet…

In addition to the migration – the Federal Observer will continue to cover many more subjects of importance as they relate to our everyday fight to combat the battles we are facing in America today.

One way or another…

I’ll see you at Sundown!

Without Apology I am,

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