Can ya dig it?

If you dislike this funkyass song, then you a Jive Turkey

VIETNAM was on the horizon . . . I remember basic training at Fort Jackson, SC. Our guys standing in front of sinks about 10 or 12 across, all with towels wrapped around our waists… shave creme on our faces . . . razors in hand . . . . . All of us “brothers” . . . Black, White, Brown, Yellow…..listening to this and dancing…side step right….side step left . . . dip . . . spin . . . Would have made a helluva scene in a war movie . . . ~ Jim Walburn, You Tube

Sorry Jim – the Nam might have been on the horizon for you and your brothers in ’72, but by ’70. I had been to the Garden of Eden and home again – but then you see – it matters not. THIS is when music was music. Can ya dig it? ~ JB

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