Mornin’ Coffee with Bonnie: May 6, 2019

A BILLION Muslims want Sharia law
Recently, after reading parts of the Koran, I have become a bit frustrated that no one seems to understand the magnitude of the Muslim threat. People look at at the Pew report and they seem to think that the results are mixed, and that there really “aren’t that many” radical Muslims. So I sat down today and actually ran the numbers; I’m attaching a page from that analysis which shows my results. My hope is that you may wish to publish them, or portions thereof, in one of your columns… (Continue to full article)

America’s Cold Civil War
If one thinks about how America’s cold civil war could be resolved, there seem to be only five possibilities. One would be to change the political subject. Ronald Reagan used to say that when the little green men arrive from outer space, all of our political differences will be transcended and humanity will unite for the first time in human history. Similarly, if some jarring event intervenes—a major war or a huge natural calamity—it might reset our politics… (Continue to full article)

Butt Pirates of The Gulf of Mexico – Plug The Damn Hole Ye Bastards!
Within this awful volume lies the Mystery of Mysteries; oh happiest they of the Human race to whom our God has given Grace; to hear, to read, to fear, to pray; He lifts the Veil – Behold The Way! But better had they not been born; who reads to doubt, or read to scorn…

Mearr, me hearties. Gather ye round, for this here’s another tale worthy of skin and bones that dance in the Freemason-controlled moonlight. Alas. Today is another day to add more quilled apples of gold from your wordsmith with hope that some poor mate whether he be aboard or floating in a dingy somewhere off in the Gulf of Mexico would grab the floating oil-soaked bottle with this message contained therein and “consume it” becoming aware that this ship is in dire straits… (Continue to full article)

Oh man, Hotter than my mornin’ cup-o’-joe…

The Left Fears Bill Barr Most of All
Democrats will always telegraph who they are afraid of most. Oh sure, if one has an ‘R” for Republican after his or her name, you can be certain you’re generally a target. But while the left will never be kind to the R’s, there will rarely be a full-throated assault on them, for they are not the ones the Dems fear.

The left fears the most effective among us, whether they are in media, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck, or conservative politicians… (Continue to full article)

50M Farting Cows
At last count supported by 103 Democratic House and Senate members—including leading candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and other contenders for the 2020 presidential race—the GND has generated more enthusiasm and controversy than perhaps any other federal policy initiative since the Civil Rights Act of 1964… (Continue to full article)

De-Platforming Free Speech
Mark Zuckerberg and his censors, in their infinite and benevolent wisdom, have decided that certain voices have no place on Facebook or Instagram. Infowars founder Alex Jones and personality Paul Joseph Watson, provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, self-described investigative journalist Laura Loomer, and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan have been banned… (Continue to full article)

White House proposal would make it easier to deport LEGAL immigrants who use public benefits like food stamps or welfare
A Department of Justice draft regulation, seen by Reuters, dramatically expands the category of people who could be subject to deportation on the grounds that they use benefits… (Continue to full article)

The Case of Los Estados Invadidos de America
It was a Friday night in early May. I had been on YouTube and a Google search when I discovered that blood can boil at 98.6 degrees F. That Facebook fascist snot Mark Zuckerberg was taking censorship, and arrogance, to a whole new level, and nobody was doing anything about it. At our southern border the invasion of drugs, sex slavery, violent crime, disease, and illegal peon voters of the future rolled on, creating Los Estados Invadidos de America… (Continue to full article)

Disturbing video shows Muslim children in a Philadelphia school sing about ‘chopping off heads while serving in the army of Allah while defending Palestine with our bodies’
The clip, which was posted by the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia last month, shows a group of children wearing Islamic headdress adorned with Palestinian symbols and colors. ‘Those who accept humiliation – what is the point in their existence?’ a child narrator in the film says. ‘Those who reject oppression are the ones who assert their existence, and they eliminate the injustice from the land of the Arabs.’ The Muslim American Society issued a statement on Saturday vowing to investigate the ‘unintended mistake and an oversight’… (Continue to full article)


Washington State to allow composting of human beings
Each Friday we highlight a number of important, and often bizarre stories from around the world that my team and I are closely following. Washington State will allow human body composting? It doesn’t get much greener than this. Staking his presidential run on climate change, the Governor of Washington is set to sign a bill legalizing composting of deceased humans. An especially high percentage of the deceased in Washington are cremated, so this alternative will cut down on carbon emissions… (Continue to full article)

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