Mornin’ Coffee with Bonnie: May 3, 2019

…and the beat goes on!

Ewart: We Will Not Surrender To A Democrat Aristocracy
We are sick to death of the social and environmental propaganda being taught to our kids in public schools. We are sick to death of open borders and illegal immigrants coming into this country and feeding at the government “pig trough.” We are sick to death of politicians that keep adding “feed” to that “pig trough” with our money, in exchange for future votes… (Continue to full article)

Merck 1Q net quadruples as cancer drug, vaccine sales soar
Here is the REAL REASON for the media PUSH and the political push (MANDATES) for everyone to accept the VACCINES ~ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Continue to full article)

Target pushes for U.S. government to punish churches and Christian business owners
Over 1.5 million families have pledged to stop shopping at Target since it announced it would allow men to enter women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms, putting women and children in danger of sexual assault.

AFA has made it clear since the boycott began that our worries do not stem from fear of the transgender community, but rather from the very real threat that predators and voyeurs, or anyone with evil intentions, would take advantage of the Target bathroom policy to harm women and children. And they have! HIT ‘EM in the POCKETBOOK… (Continue to full article)

House Panel Allots $50M to Study Gun Violence
More wasted money on the same old story. As a rule – gun owners are not the violaters. $50 million down the drain. Great commentary by John Lott, Jr. (Continue to full article)

Why Is Fox News Using Left-Wing Talking Points to Take Cheap Shots at Homeschoolers?
…maybe – just MAYBE you have been following our pages for some time and you have come to the understanding that FAUX ‘News’ has been fully taken over by the other side. Have you been watching? If you have – you must have been able to detect the oder in the Tube. Oh yeah – over the past 3 years, they have been manipulating the good guys and gals out the back door… (Continue to full article)

Love a Cup-o’-Joe with Dirty Harry…

Whistleblowers: Pharmaceutical Company that Hiked Drug Price 97,000% Also Bribed Doctors
This country’s healthcare system is a mess. Not a mess like the British NHS, but a mess, nonetheless. The price of prescription drugs is one aspect that has gotten out of control. Many Americans forgo needed medicine because they can’t afford it, and the projected 3.8% increase in drug prices expected during 2020 isn’t going to make matters any better… (Continue to full article)

That “goddamned piece of paper” – again

What Is to Be Done for a Nation that Secedes from the Principles of Its Founding?
The two-party machine has been legally and politically embedded in the American electoral system since 1796 saw the formation of the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. The Parties changed their names over time until we have the bipartisan nomenclature we are all familiar with. Through a series of political vicissitudes, Americans have arrived at the political and ideological conflict that is wreaking havoc in the nation today… (Continue to full article)

Shocking video shows migrants using a rope ladder to scale the Mexico border fence as Trump asks Congress for $4.5BILLION emergency security funding
The clip taken Tuesday shows a line of seven migrants, including one woman, waiting to use the rope to precariously climb down the border wall into south El Paso, Texas.

The video emerged as the Trump administration asked Congress for a whopping additional $4.5billion in emergency spending money to beef up border security and deal with the surge of Central American migrants entering the country… (Continue to full article)

The Teacher is a Tramp: Another rapist in the Classroom
Deidre Smith, 34, from Louisiana, has been charged with first-degree rape and felony indecent behavior with a juvenile for allegedly carrying on a months-long relationship with a child – a 10 year old child… (Continue to full article)

Subway removes pork from store after ‘strong demand’ from Muslims
Fast food giant Subway has removed ham and bacon from almost 200 outlets, and switched to halal meat alternatives in an attempt to please its Muslim customers.

It has confirmed turkey ham and turkey rashers will be used instead in 185 of its stores, where all the meat will now be prepared according to halal rules.

The chain, which has around 1,500 outlets across the UK, explained its decision by saying it had to balance animal welfare concerns with ‘the views of religious communities’. We refuse to kiss the butts of these Ragheads just waiting to take over our country. Lock and Load…. (Continue to full article)

Eastern Europe is rejecting failed sexual revolution…and progressives are outraged
Saul Alinskys Rules for Radicals to destroy freedom and destroy family’s in order to steal our freedom. Democrats buying off on this big time.
… (Continue to full article)

Ali-Baba bin Bakin?

The Southern Border Invasion Is Endangering Americans
Liberals (Democratic communists) are increasingly in favor of open borders to anyone who wants to enter the United States and national sovereignty be damned. But not that long ago they all wanted border security… (Continue to full article)

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