Mornin’ Coffee with Bonnie: May 15, 2019

…and the beat goes on!

Baltimore’s War on Guns Almost Exclusively Targeted Black Neighborhoods
“The war on guns, like the war on drugs, is primarily waged on poor people by small operations units that drive around in unmarked cars looking for trouble.” And the “poor people” being targeted in Baltimore are black people.

Woods and Soderberg claim the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force is doing the targeting; that they “called jump-out boys or knockers, and they do not respond to citizen calls.” Rather, they move undercover in the night, busting through doors to seize firearms in black neighborhoods… (Continue to full article)

UNC-Chapel Hill Student Arrested for Stealing Pro-Life Sign
A student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was arrested for larceny last month after she was caught on video taking a sign belonging to pro-life activists. The arrest arrives just days after the arrest of a UNC-Chapel Hill student accused of physically assaulted a pro-life activist after allegedly getting angry over his sign… (Continue to full article)

Oh yes – UNC-Chapel Hill is ‘educating‘ such a fine group of total jerks…

White House Immigration Plan: Incomplete Without Some Reduction in Legal Numbers
The White House immigration plan isn’t fully cooked yet, but its broad outlines are clear.

It won’t try to address everything “comprehensively,” focusing instead on enforcement and the legal immigration system. Enforcement measures will reportedly address the border crisis (a Flores fix, etc.), as well as mandate use of the E-Verify system. The legal-immigration portion include a narrowing of the family categories to limit chain migration, an end to the visa lottery, and an overhaul of the skills-based portion of the system.

While this is all positive, there’s a fundamental problem. The proposal will not include any reduction in the overall level of legal immigration, not even a symbolic one… (Continue to full article)

The Dazzle of Socialism
As I listen to the Democratic presidential clown-didates ratchet up their talk about the merits of wealth redistribution, I find myself wondering just how much the average liberal voter knows about socialism. I suspect that a lot of low-information folks have an innocuous view of socialism as nothing more than a compromise between communism and capitalism.

This is precisely what the Radical Left wants voters to believe, but it’s an absolute lie… (Continue to full article)

Thank’s for all memories Doris Day, RIP…

Why Are They Bashing Chick-Fil-A Now?
To summarize, Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A opposed same-sex marriage, stood up for traditional marriage and was attacked. Grassroots supporters turned out to support the company, and Chick-fil-A profited. Rather than follow up on that victory, Chick-fil-A chickened out and surrendered to the Same-Sex Marriage Agenda… (Continue to full article)

What Barr Will Find
To get a complete picture of the genesis and motive behind the FISA Court/Steel Dossier crime, investigations must begin with the precursor which is the Hillary Clinton private server crime. So, after it was discovered that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a previously unknown private server at her home for the entire time she was Secretary of State an investigation was commenced. Several months later former Director of the FBI, James Comey, announced that the investigation had concluded and that no recommendation to indict Clinton was forthcoming. The Senate then questioned Comey on how he reached his conclusion… (Continue to full article)

NO, NO, NO – Not THIS pic…

How Many Things Can You Find Wrong with This Kamala Harris Photo?
First-Gentleman-in Waiting Douglas Emhoff posted this completely, totally, 100% genuine and un-staged photo of his wife Kamala Harris last night.

The first thing I noticed is what Gerry Dales called “The full Gillibrand.” Back in February, New York Senator and presidential contender Kirsten Gillibrand did a lifestyle fluff piece for the Associated Press, and got busted for wearing an apron which her handlers had obviously just purchased as a prop… (Continue to full article)

…and here is my response to the image when posted on Facebook:

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