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FBI Investigating Antifa Plot to Buy Guns from Mexican Cartel for ‘Armed Rebellion’ at the Border
The militant antifa activists planned to “disrupt U.S. law enforcement and military security operations at the US/Mexican border,” according to a December 2018 document that went out to dozens of federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Mexico… (Continue to full article)

Feds Arrest Muslim Convert, Stop Terror Attack
The White House is getting ready to release a new, merit based immigration plan in coming weeks according to a number of officials working on the matter.

“We’re working through that process [immigration plan] I expect that to be over the next couple of weeks when that plan will be rolled out. In the meantime, we’re still calling on Congress to fix some of the immediate things that could be done…” (Continue to full article)

Despite Emergence of Far-Right Nationalism, Spain Has First Socialist Prime Minister in Over a Decade
Europe has been fascinated by socialism for much longer than America. Or, rather, as a general rule, Europeans have cozied up to socialism in much larger numbers than Americans historically have. So, it’s not really a surprise that after the election dust has cleared, Spain’s new prime minister is a socialist. However, as that dust cleared, far-right nationalists also emerged triumphant by claiming 24 of the Spanish Parliament’s 350 seats… (Continue to full article)

Bernie Sanders, the Fertilizer (shit) in AOC’s Poison Ivy Growth
Oh, for the days when Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was just another plant growing in the dirt-ridden dark of Democrat politics; when he was only the straw man dragged onto the 2016 Democrat primary campaign by Hillary Clinton to keep other Democrats from competing against her for DNC nomination.

Grandpa (Chicken Shit) Sugar to millions of millennials who believe in his faux promises of “Free Stuff”, the socialist senator is the perfect prop for cunning Dems any time they need a quick diversion or foil… (Continue to full article)

Rep. Rashida Tlaib “FEARS” Americans She Was Elected To Serve
Rep. Rashida Tlaib—who wanted to introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump in the most profane language possible—says she feared Americans after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and that that is the worrisome “fear” that drove her into politics. How consummately self-serving … (Continue to full article)

Meet your new neighbors!

Arizona border patrol releases video of a group of 111 immigrants illegally crossing the border at Yuma just moments before they were apprehended by agents
US Customs and Border Protection agents have released footage of 111 immigrants (pictured) crossing into Arizona. Agents said the group crossed into the U.S. on Sunday night… (Continue to full article)

Definition of ‘baby’ redefined at abortion debate
A pro-life leader on a tour of college campuses was advised by a pro-abortion student that a baby who survives an abortion is not really a baby because he or she was not meant to survive… (Continue to full article)

Carefully crafted language for Facebook…

Coming To America 2019: Thousands Of Invaders Each Month, Compliments Of Liberal Judges, The Democrats And RINOs
The ultimate goal is to strip America of its wealth and natural resources, mainly by the use of “Trade Agreements”, to make the US Constitution subservient to the UN Charter, to eliminate private property in the name of FAIRNESS, and to divert America’s economy to third world countries in the name of eliminating hunger and poverty… (Continue to full article)

The Southern Border Invasion Is Endangering Americans
Ranchers and farmers are finding prayer rugs along the United States-Mexico border – evidence corroborating President Donald Trump’s assertion that migrants from Islamic terrorist hotbed nations in the Middle East are breaking into the country… (Continue to full article)

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