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Enough is enough, it is time for all real Americans to ban together and demand some drastic changes in our society. We have had enough of our children growing up in public schools that bend their young minds to suit the idiots in Washington and Major cities across the land. We have had enough of the lies our politicians tell us and then go right ahead and destroy our freedom to live according to scripture.

We have had enough from liars in Congress supporting laws we do Not Want. We do not want the millionaires in the media industry publishing death and destruction every hour of the day and night. We do not want our sons to be homosexuals, or our daughters to be lesbians, and we do not want them associating with these scum bags in public schools.

We will never surrender our weapons or ammunition simply because history has given us proof that governments are the world’s most dangerous group of individuals imaginable. Time after time they have murdered their countries people to gain absolute power over them.

How many politicians have you been told were murdered by good guys with guns? None! Do you get that? NONE! So if they are not in danger from us gun owners, what the hell is their problem? We need changes in the police academies that bend the minds of our local police departments, who are afraid of everyone with a gun. They should be thankful we are willing to risk our lives to protect them and ourselves.

We are sick and tired of grumpy and offensive public officials when doing business with them and the prices they gouge us with for simple document filing and recording. Every where we turn the government is bleeding us dry to increase their salaries, while sitting on their backsides most of the time.Has anyone ever seen a politician or their employees in a sweat?

No! They just waste their time brainstorming on how to milk more money from us, or gain more authority over us.

We are sick unto death of the people we elected to perform easy jobs that make our country better place to live and prosper. We are also sick of the pretend election system that grantees them a soft ride to wealth and power over us. If any person reading this does not agree or suspects us of treason then you are either stupid or too uninformed to be involved in our government.

I pledge allegiance to the State I was born in and the one I live in and the original United States of America and no other.

I do not need or want any lying politician governing every though in my mind in order to be an asset to my countrymen, because time has proven that money and power will destroy any good that once ruled his life.

The only way to populate a country is to raise up people to accept responsibility for their actions and be willing to try and be better, loving parents and neighbors. That means we do not sell children for profit, nor teach them to perform despicable sex acts, or disrespect their Mothers and Fathers. Instead we teach them to respect all life and the Lord God Almighty who made us all.

We do not under any circumstances support diversity in any form or subject as the only law that is worth writing must be specific and simple to understand as not everyone has had the advantage of good genes or education. The simple minded must be able to understand what the law requires of them.

As it now stands the media and education industries are the most powerful bad influence on our children and inexperienced young adults, and maybe a sizeable amount of older adults. Regardless, we must put a stop to the mind control currently in place and subject our fellow Americans to the benefits of the power of one. That is, one universal education program which includes our history and how we got in this mess. One universal form of church and state so that the majority are too educated to be hoodwinked by those who profit from diversity in all things. Speaking of diversity; that is the most stupid thing to support ever invented. There is no sense in education at all if one and one do not necessarily equal two.

Let the brainiest fools who are convinced they know it all go piss up a rope and keep them away from our children’s education. We need clear and simple guidelines to raising children and politicians. We need more farmers and craftsmen to reform our industries and governments. People who know from hard work what is best for our future.

In the past we had simple lives that produced honest hard working men and women who gave their all to their families and States. But NOW, we have a bunch of self centered assholes making a mess of everything, and I mean everything!

In the past we were a unified Nation working together to build a free life without stupid laws that no one understood until a cop showed up to confiscate our property.

We also had greedy men like the Rockefellers who tied a rope of laws around every user of gas and oil, not to mention thousands of patents that suppressed other businessmen. The time has come to take away control of commerce and patents from paid off politicians.

Please remember one thing if you read this article, we will all be dead if we do not put a stop to the greedy politicians and big business.

Now for the answer to all this complaining, we do have a system of governance that has been suppressed for over a hundred years and it is on line HERE, where you will find the most intelligent teacher in America who is now a grandmother and savior of our original form of governance. All it takes to reform our entire lives and government is to do some reading and turn off that damn television.

So if you are too lazy to read, or too stupid to realize the current form of government is illegal and set up to become a one world government that benefits only the ultra rich Bankers, Lawyers and politicians, then I pity you for your lack of intellect and balls.

I admit it is going to be a dog fight to wrestle the current system power away from them, even with our original form of governance in place because the amount of power they now have will not be surrendered peacefully and who knows how many will die before we are once again a Nation of self educated freedom loving men and women. BUT, free we must be, or dead will surely will be. The powers that now be, are intent on controlling our every bowel movement, thought and action.

To them I say death is better than dishonor and to those of you who are stupid enough to support what is currently in place, go piss up a rope and pass the ammunition!

Written by Old Dog and published on A Nation Beguiled ~ May 1, 2019

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