Dwyer: Advice to Trump’s “Prosecutors

The Death of Justice

Messrs. Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff keep attacking President Trump and his defenders, against the publicly-known evidence and common sense, with weaponized Congressional oversight powers. The President is a surviving victim of an unprecedented in American history plot to derail his election campaign of 2016 and to obstruct his presidency after he won. Yet Messrs. Nadler and Schiff are shamelessly threatening the victim rather than going after the culprits in the Obama administration who were caught on blatantly abusing the executive Power in order to secure the favorable for them outcome of the election.

Never mind that the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that Mr. Schiff is chairing has been created exactly for the purpose of investigating and preventing this kind of abuse and not for covering it up. Never mind that U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary that Mr. Nadler is chairing has been charged with overseeing the administration of justice within the federal courts, administrative agencies and Federal law enforcement entities, and has no jurisdiction, under the doctrine of separation of power, over the Executive Branch of the U.S. Never mind that President Trump was found not guilty of any conspiracy to collude with foreign actors in order to steal the election from its “rightful” owner, Ms. Hillary Clinton.

They want him investigated. They want him impeached. Although Special Counsel Robert Mueller, appointed to incriminate President Trump, could not find any guilt in this man, they want the President punished for the “crime” of obstruction of their on-going attempts to crucify him (figuratively speaking).

But, somehow, I am not surprised with what these two (and several other) Democrats are doing. After all, why should we expect Congressional Democrat overseers to go after the Democrat wrongdoers? (We should not.) They are sold out to their “Liberal” ideology that, like a religion, overrides any other values that they may hold.

I would advise Messrs. Nadler and Schiff to look some 2,000 years back and see if they can find any similarities between the gross injustice that was done then to an innocent man and their own actions, today.

If Messrs. Nadler and Schiff would like us to think that they are not the same kind of characters who because of fear and blind hatred called for conviction and execution of the accused despite the fact that his Imperial prosecutor and judge said: “I find no guilt in this man”, then they can give us some clear evidence that they are not. If Messrs. Nadler and Schiff do not want us to think that under their rule as the Supervisory Government of the U.S. their political opponents will not be brutally beaten and killed, or otherwise neutralized or even spied upon, under the pretext of law, justice, and loyalty to the government then they can begin convincing us that this kind of mob “democracy” and directional “justice” is not going to be practiced or tolerated under their watch.

Because as of now, we do not have one good reason to believe that they are not going to repeat, in their modern version, some wrongs of the past.

Just think of it. Whatever they and their fellow Democrats can do President Trump, they can do to anyone who they despise of. And if you happen to believe that they break all these rules of law, ethics, honesty, decency, and civility for a good cause, then what would make you believe that they are not going to do the same for a bad cause, if it only benefits them.

Based on their behavior so far, they probably will. This is why their Party’s hold on political, judicial, and administrative power in America is a threat to us all. Fortunately, year 2020 is just around the corner so we still have a chance to stop that threat at the polls.

May 4, 2019

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