Worden: The Fatal Mistake of Peter Buttigieg

Carl has stated the TRUTH as clearly as it can be stated. God calls the ‘practicing’ Sodomites & Lesbians ABOMINATIONS. They flaunt their SIN and shall pay the PRICE for doing so. Sodom & Gomorrah will look like a afternoon picnic in comparison to what they are facing for eternity. ~ Jackie Juntti

Petey Boy Butt-Gig and his ‘husband,’ Glezen

Openly homosexual Peter Buttigieg just announced his run for president, but before that he chastised Vice President Pence that Pence should take it up with Buttigieg’s creator (GOD!) if Pence had any criticism for Mr. Buttigieg’s lifestyle.

Let me explain something: You don’t ever want to publicly suggest God created homosexuals just for kicks in order to condemn unrepentant homosexuals to the Lake of Fire! To do so is to bear false witness against God himself, but if you do it publicly you are just begging for personal calamity.

To suggest such a thing is to once again utter the same fat lie that Homosexuals are born that way, and God himself knows very well homosexuals are not born homosexual because he IS their Creator! God is absolutely just and fair, merciful and patient beyond measure. But if a practicing homosexual dies in his (or her) sin, without accepting Jesus and unrepentant of that behavior, God has no other choice than to keep his word. Clearly so far, Mr. Buttigieg remains unrepentant and chooses to blame God for his behavior.

That is a huge mistake!

Do you recall that just before the Titanic hit God’s iceberg and sank, some complete idiot said, “No one, not even God, can sink the Titanic!”? Well, God controls nature, and it was a natural iceberg that sank the unsinkable Titanic. Let me tell you, if I had a ticket for the maiden cruise of the Titanic and I knew for a fact some jackass made that public statement, I wouldn’t sell the ticket to some sucker, I’d burn it and stay home!

That is why Mr. Buttigieg should never have made such a public statement, because I know God heard it!

Just watch & see what happens to Mr. Buttigieg now!

April 14, 2019

Carl F. Worden

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