Dwyer: Soviet Roots of the Hostile Party

It appears that the main purpose of Trump’s continuous “investigations” that we have been seeing for the last two years is to produce enough dirt that his future Democrat challengers can use while running against him. It is a prelude to a large-scale smear-campaign that the Party and its operatives are engineering for the 2020 presidential election. It is a glimpse into the future American political system where the Party that gave itself a mandate to cheat, betray, and deceive in order to save the planet and dispense “social justice” turns every federal agency it can into a weapon against those who challenge its supremacy and the rule of its permanently empowered and behemothic apparatus.

The “investigations” follow a familiar pattern of selective prosecution of the “enemies” of the “good” Party and its “good” ideology that we have known from elsewhere. Soviets perfected this kind of “justice” in 1930s when Joseph Stalin was solidifying his grasp on dictatorial power by purging the ruling class of “spies” (all those capable of challenging the emerging dictator). As Lavrenty Beria once told Stalin, “Show me a man and I will find his crimes”, the Democrats are hell bent on finding each and every imperfection of Trump, real or made-up, in order to purge the White House of the man who had guts to stand between the Party and the road to its perpetual domination.

The fabrication of dirt on Donald Trump begun before 2016 presidential election. Barack Obama, his administration, the Clintons, and the Executive Branch apparatchiks were among the main drivers behind this well-orchestrated effort to derail a popular campaign of then-candidate Trump. It was designed to hand the electoral victory to a Democrat (Hillary Clinton) with – according to the mainstream propaganda – 95 percent probability of success. Yet the masterfully-arranged plot failed. Despite of the interference of the sitting Democrat president, his Democrat administration, and its Democrat apparatchiks with the “democratic” electoral process for the benefit of a Democrat candidate, despite overwhelming propaganda in favor of the Democrat candidate, and despite wide-spread election fraud, turnout skewing, votes “recounting”, voter bribing, and other tricks that benefited the Democrat candidate, Trump won and quite handsomely so. (Can you imagine what the results would have been if the election were free of this kind of interference, propaganda, and fraud?)

But if you though the Democrats would get over it then you were wrong. Now, they are intensifying and redoubling their efforts to impose on the American nation a Democrat as the next president. And they do not pretend anymore that they have the good of the American Republic at heart, or that they protect and defend the Constitution, or that they guard this nation against its enemies, both domestic and foreign, or that they care about what We the People want and about the liberties We cherish. So they resort to open hostility towards Trump and the “deplorables” (a quotation from H. Clinton) who “cling to their Bibles and guns” (a quotation from Obama) or otherwise share his vision to make America great, again. And no concerns of decency, fairness, truthfulness, partnership, or patriotism are impeding their relentless attacks. It is the same kind of blind hostility that bank robbers manifest towards uncooperating bank tellers and security guards during stickups.

If someone did this to the Democrat “saint”, JFK, a notorious womanizer, an adulterer from a family that derived its wealth from criminal business of whiskey smuggling, and a pain-killers addict whose alleged lapses of judgment almost caused a nuclear WWIII, then it would be deemed by the Democrat moral authorities a despicable blasphemy or something equally bad. Those who asked for a plain-and-simple proof of Obama natural-born citizenship were branded “birthers” and treated as menaces to humanity or mentally ill. Obama’s college records were sealed, supposedly, to cover up indications that in his youth he was not a US citizen or at least pretended not to be. The questions if H. Clinton lied about Benghazi attack, if her hubby profited from her generous deal with Russians and Putin that gave them control of 20 percent of American uranium, and if – as the Secretary of State – did she facilitate stealing of state top secrets by foreign entities hostile or adversarial to the US, were dismissed without much debate as if it would be beneath her dignity and revered status of presidential nominee to answer impertinent inquiries of that sort. And no one in the Washington, DC, establishment did bother her with these.

JFK, Obama, and H. Clinton were all “good” guys and faithful members of the “good” Party, so there was absolutely no need to vet, screen, or – God forbid – investigate them for anything. The Party treated them as if they were some kind of second comings despite such pesky details as the refugee crisis of Biblical proportions that was caused by Obama-Clinton foreign policy fiasco, a serious mistake that turned once orderly and friendly to the U.S. Syria into a perpetual domestic was zone where children were killed and innocent adults were slaughtered by the “progressive” fighters armed by the dilettante duo (Obama and Hilary, that is). Somehow, that was not quite surprising if one remembers what did Democrat Carter’s naive foreign policy “accomplish”; it turned a relatively stable, prosperous, and friendly to the US country, Iran, into a threatening nation with expansionist and nuclear ambitions, and a sworn enemy of America.

Just as if they wanted to prove how hypocritical they are, the Democrats have been insinuating that Trump may have been a Russian agent (and not just a “colluder”) and should be “investigated” for that. They must have known that Trump, with whatever flaws he may have, is not a spy or agent or anything of that sort, yet they are eager to launch yet another “investigation” (a “fishing expedition” is a more adequate descriptor here) in order to fabricate even more dirt on Trump that Democrat challengers can used against him. (Imagine the outrage if someone suspected H. Clinton of being a Russian or Putin’s agent or Obama of being a globalists’ puppet.)

That they came up with the “Russian spy” charge against Trump is funny, because the ideas of selective prosecution for political gain were brought into the US with mass immigration from Russia, (former) Soviet Union, and vicinity. There, political would-be challengers to the Dear Leader’s power were deemed “spies” (anyone whom Stalin wanted to dispose of) and dealt with, harshly. The majority of Russian/Soviet ex-patriots and their offspring gravitated towards the Democrats and socialism, naturally, and must have passed on their fellow Party members of Left leaning their idea of “justice” Soviet-style. Their signature is all over current attacks on Trump. The very evil that was a bedrock foundation of the Evil Empire finalized its metastasis into the U.S. after Ronald Reagan crashed down on the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, botched cancer removal surgeries are notorious for spreading the cancerous cells to other parts of the body. Sadly, it happened to our country, figuratively speaking.

(That the Lefties accuse anyone of Russian connections is even more funny. They are the ones who were helping Russia and Soviet Union to bring the US down. Remember the notorious American Leftists, Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs, who were executed in 1953 for passing American nuclear secrets to the Soviets? American Left, including those who call themselves “socialists”, have always had a worm spot in their collective heart for Russia/Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries that were experimenting with socialism.)

The faction of the Party dominated by those with Soviet (Russian) and Marxian roots is not difficult to spot. You can know who they are by the propensities that they exhibit. And it is so obvious that they are blatantly bending and breaking the rules in order to advance their usual agenda. They do not hesitate to go after Trump, and aggressively so, without much credible evidence against him, while at the same time refraining from questioning Obama about his role in weaponizing federal agencies against campaign of then-opposition party candidate, despite ample evidence suggesting that he (Obama) was involved in it to his teeth. In blatant abuse of his authority and disregard the purpose of the House Intelligence Committee, its Chair, Adam Schiff, who has been elected in a heavily populated by Soviet ex-patriots district with 78 percent vote, acting like a stereotypical Marxist revolutionary, gave himself a mandate to investigate sitting President’s finances just because he thought that it was the “right thing” to do. It is worth noting here that the House Intelligence Committee has been originally established to provide Congressional oversight of CIA, FBI and other agencies in order to prevent illegal spying on American citizens, and does not have an authority to oversee or evaluate the President. (Stalin would not have it conceived any better.)

At this point it doesn’t really matter what Trump has done. The future would-be rulers of America disapprove of Trump and, in their opinion, such a dislike is enough to exclude him from the Oval Office regardless of our will. It doesn’t matter if the ridiculous charges and the dirt that the “investigations” against him claimed or produced were false or there were any trace of truth in them. They saw the man and they will find the crime, as Comrade Beria taught and they learned. They don’t care if the crime they find is actual and relevant to Trump’s fitness for the Oval Office. And so shouldn’t we.

Trump may be stupid, corrupt, lying, unfit, prejudiced, authoritarian, tax-evading, and greedy (which I can hardly believe he is any more of which than an average normal American is), but the alternative that we will have in 2020 is either him or the Hostile Party that is on its way to impose on us its permanent and dictatorial rule.

Here is what the Democrats, most likely, are going to give us:

– An army of apparatchiks who will make sure that the permanent government works the same way (the Democrat way, that is) regardless of the results of elections and the voters’ will.

– State agencies that have been weaponized against anyone who dares to challenge the Democrat ownership of White House, both Houses of Congress, and entire America, unless the challenger is a weak puppet in hands of Democrats or is co-operative and can be easily persuaded to respect the Democrat-imposed status quo.

– Rigged elections to assure that even when the majority of We the People are mad as hell with the Democrat rule and are not going to take it, anymore, the results are going to be correct (or corrected) so that the Democrats always win.

– As a bonus, uninterrupted mass importation of perpetually needy constituencies from Third-World countries that will lead to creation of the large class of “proletariat” that did exist in Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and was one of the main sources of power for the Soviet regime, but is largely missing in the U.S.

All the above “goodies”, except perhaps for the last one, are easy to predict, taking into account the impact that the Soviet/Russian immigration has had on the U.S. Just look what did these immigrants and their ancestors do to their old country and you will get an idea of what are they going to do to ours. Once the critical mass of the folks whose ancestors brought the Soviet Union about have immigrated to the US, it is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” is the same or similar going to happen here. There, the “good” party had monopoly on political power, the “good” apparatchiks saw to it that no elections (rigged alright) or people’s will can change anything. The governing Soviets (Councils, in English) weaponized state agencies against the “spies” (the opponents and skeptics of “good” Soviet rule), and all the media of consequence were delivering propaganda, 24/7, on behalf of the ruling clique. Sounds familiar? Yes, it does, indeed.

In 2020 presidential elections we will likely have a choice between a fairly normal (except for being super-rich) albeit imperfect American and a Democrat – a would-be executor on behalf of the looming neo-Soviet Evil Empire that the new trend-setters of Russian/Soviet ancestry in the Hostile Party are trying to bring on our heads. They may come with smiley faces, and may promise social justice and good lives for all, but we know that their ancestors had promised all that in Russia but never delivered on their deceptive promises.

Do you want to join this “workers’ paradise” in the making? If so then may wish to study the history of the Soviet Union, first, and see for yourself how miserable life of most of folks under the Soviet regime was. Or do you want to become a Lenin’s “useful idiot” who although is not part of the socialist push he helps the socialists to win, anyway. If so then you may wish to learn about thousands of Lenin’s “useful idiot” in Soviet Union who were deemed anti-socialist by Stalin’s apparatchiks and died in hard-labor camps.

But if you do not want to do any of the above then remember that it is not enough to win the election. We must win it on a landslide or else it will be stolen by the Democrats by means of fraud, skewing, recounts, and other manipulations. And the hostility needs to be reciprocated in everything we think, say, and do.

So the critical issue here is that you actually do vote for Trump, whether you approve of him or not, and try the best you can to make everybody else you know to vote for him. Only then we can have a chance to escape from the neo-Soviet trap that the Hostile Party is so masterfully setting up on all of us.

April 14, 2019

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