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Let me open this bombshell up with a small explanation about an event that the John Birch Society taught me about. Reference: Oxford English Dictionary and the 11th Edition Encyclopedia Britannica: Bavarian Illuminati, founded May 1, 1776; by Professor Adam Weishaupt, University of Ingolstadt, which made a very organized effort to go after our Education system. Within this illuminated system, The Metaphysical Club at Harvard was set up that contained a plethora of muscular figureheads including Supreme Court justices, leading academic psychologists, and every scholarly profession you could think of. This was a major think tank that only the super elite and hand picked lawyers were allowed to attend.

This is where John Dewey, an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social-communist reform – the moron that created the Public Fool System in which most of US was forced to attend by our servile parents. Again, the compound term “leverage” was used and plans for destruction of the nuclear family had already begun copiously serving large amounts of verbal lobotomy so that Dick and Jane could be morphed into obedient slaves of the future.

John Dewey

John Dewey, which was known for his profound beliefs in democracy began his greatest work in our youth to finally bring in a damning wedge to the family structure that joyfully tore down any belief structure that was built upon a Republic under Rule of law. Before the family unit could discover the covert damage done to their child, a plethora of clinical psychologists permeated the nightly news telling the family that all of this was Johnny’s fault and that the American family needed to give their new found lobotomized child room to grow with slight of hand leverage. The object was to teach that truth and justice flatly do not exist and that individuality needed to be vanquished at all costs so that the current body politic could have her perfect way. Truth and justice as explained by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Oliver Wendell Holmes, was only to be interpreted by the strongest members of society. The masses had no ability to attain such levels of intellect unless they go through an “approved” source much like the judges that already decided cases well before they hear the arguments of the case.

This was the leverage that was spoken of earlier. How dare anyone who rattles the framework of a collective society. It’s all synonymous to what we have today with all the idol worship going on. leverage built her perfect case with the “planned” placement of Donald trump in office. It took many years of collective work on the masses to quickly fall for the largest slight of hand ever pulled over on the public except for the events that occurred on 911. Nobody in society dares to swim against the current status quo lest they be shunned and put to open shame.

So the excessive willingness to serve or please others that has plagued society trumps truth, and common sense to the point of political suicide. The elite or effete want revenge on God so bad they can taste it. How dare He destroy all THEIR global forefathers in the great biblical flood. The Tower of babel was only the beginning and with the anomaly, which is called the Internet, we can reform our own Tower of Babel and finally throw God and His sidekick Jesus off their Holy thrones once and for all. The insanity and abject evil pouring out of these collective minds are baffling. You would think that John Q. Public would be forever brought to his feet to protect his livelihood with every fiber of his being, but such is not the case as we have witnessed.

All of this is an evolution of continuum philosophy that explains variation as involving a gradual quantitative transition without abrupt changes or discontinuities. To them, their rationality can be rationalized. The changes in government have resulted in discontinuities in policy and the description of boiling Frogs in a pot brings on a wider meaning. Pragmatism now opens up Pandora’s Box to “justified sinning” in their view. The Frogs are allowed to leave the pot on occasion to be invited to a special event – the frying pan with the message, “If you like your leaping legs, you can keep them!”

What the masses fail to see is that they quickly scurry off to work every day without giving any thought as to what goes on behind the green curtain. The approaching Tornado has Toto barking but alas, Dorothy is too busy with the inner workings of every day life with Satan, much less care about her boring government bowel movements. After all, she can go press a button every four years and save the federation. Perhaps one day Dorothy will realize that following yellow-pricked Toads is not in her best interest.

Written by Louis Turner for Kettle Moraine Publications and anyone intelligent enough to understand the importance and RAMifications of this history lesson. ~ November 1, 2004, 2005, 2006…. all the way up to and including 2018. Further updates will become available as more information pops up! ~ Ed.

~ The Author ~
Louis Turner, Commander of the Authors of the North, creator of numerous graphics, disloyal servant to the true emperor – Donald John Trump, father to none, husband to a murdered computer, and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next. I won’t win the crowd, but I will give them something they have never seen before.

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Written by Louis Turner back in the early 2000’s with help from Jeffrey Bennett. Back in the day, we started a “Get US Out Of The United Nations” column on the FederalObserver.com only to be later stopped by the JBS (Just Bull Shit) because of “Copyright Violations.”

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