The Nam: Some say why, we knew why brothers and sisters!

This young lady wrote this response to all Vietnam Veterans, about this picture.

Is this pic of the Tet Offensive in Central VN, specifically Quang Tri Dong Ha? It look familiar bc i was there . I was 4, 5 at the time. I remembered my mom n auntie made lots of New Tear foods, and brought it out so that the soldiers can eat n fight. Our home was at the entrance into the city.

I remember my parents took us to the hideout made out of sand bags to prevent bullet fragments. I was terrified. We even had strangers in our tiny hideout. In the morning, my dad took me on his motorcycle to my grandma and along the way, i met American soldiers who were so nice. They gave me m&m, B1, B2 (MRE’s) . Their eyes are full of compassion that made a child comfortable n their smiles made me forgot my fears.

I will forever be grateful to all American Veterans.

Thank you for your sacrifice so that i may live. ~ QuynhThoa Truong

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