Seese: Somewhere in all this lies the truth…

The following was originally published on the first generation Federal Observer, July 27, 2011. ~ Ed.

March 5, 2003 ~ There’s a hurting world living on this planet and the United States is almost obsessively focused on one nation that should be able to have its clock cleaned by the Rhode Island National Guard rather than most of the military might of the world’s sole superpower. Sometimes it seems this should be a bad movie that gets canceled midway through production and what money is left returned to the investors.

The problem is, we don’t have investors with any say-so in the matter. We have a lot of vested interests with a very big say-so in the final decision, which appears to have been made.

Meanwhile, the people of the United States are still battling a sinking economy, tidal waves of illegal aliens coming across the borders or onto the shorelines, growing restlessness among “real Americans” about the direction our nation is taking, and their lack of standing before the courts under what is supposedly the law of the land. We would, in many instances, have more justice under the Code of the Hills.

The “Illusion of America” still plays with the public, whether it’s in cinema or country music. The cinema generally depicts a righteous USA, and country music sings of the lost loves and sentimental nostalgia of Houston or Nashville as they might have existed in the 1940’s. They are situation dramas, comedies or tragedies where the real tragedy of the world is non-existent, the World Health Organization isn’t policing everyone”s use of tobacco and fatty foods, ordinary citizens aren’t spied upon by Big Brother and abortion is not an issue and neither is the desecration of Christianity by the American “Civil” Liberties Union. Cowboy America has changed a lot since the stardom days of Merle Haggard and Hank Williams, Sr.

Our music is fairly indicative of what we’ve become. Frankly, we’re screech owls howling in the dark. We may scare some little nations, bribe larger ones, intimidate a few newcomers to the world scene at the United Nations, but we’re not the America the world respected in the days of President Eisenhower (who largely did nothing but send John Foster Dulles around the world to lay the groundwork for the problems that were to follow) and the Camelot President, John F. Kennedy, whose assassination still remains, as far as I am concerned, covered up and eternally unsolved. What we are not is the melodic and magnificent music of the great Broadway musicals of our halcyon years when there was a standard of morality and a respect for creativity.

I might as well paste a photo of myself at 20 on my mirror and avoid the reality of aging. That would play well with me too, but I’d know the deception. Many Americans do not seem to know the deception behind government land grabs, hyper-environmentalism, the phony peace movements, the open borders and unrestrained immigration, the gay and lesbian “rights” movements and the federalization of education that is indoctrination into government groupthink.

I was tracking down something the other day that led me to the ACLU web site and it’s amazing how honest and good their purpose sounds. If one did not follow through and see what they do, their song sounds like music when in truth it is nothing but the siren call to commit political suicide as free people.

Freedom. Nice word. We want freedom. We lost our freedoms. We’re going to fight so that other people can be free if we don”t kill them in the process of liberating them. Illegal aliens have more rights in the USA than do legal citizens. Our leaders and do-gooders will go all out to protect lawbreakers who come to suck at the federal teats while telling the retired workers of America that their Social Security system is bankrupt. Social Security always has been bankrupt because it never was a lockbox, and yet while the government never has enough to secure any future for its own people, it can spend billions on buying favors around the world and paying off petty dictators for political favors.

Real Americans want their freedoms back and government downsized so that it doesn”t eat up more and more of what Americans earn to support causes that Americans do not really support.

But first, our leaders have to secure our national security by sending the entire American military over to take Iraq. How does that play on the world scene? Be glad it isn”t a movie in which you have all your retirement savings because that dude isn”t going past the Third Street Bijou in ratings around the world.

Pity the traveling American who has to put up with the nonsense of homeland security mixed with political correctness, and shed a tear for the nearly-bankrupt airlines that will probably be federalized in a year or two.

And while we’re at it, shed a tear for the Americans who are trying to stave off the real invasion onto our soil. Our “melting pot” is now a boiling cauldron of combustible elements set to blow. Tolerance? We once had a lot more than we do now, along with a lot more civility. Yes we had a civil rights problem that was mishandled and we’re still paying for that outrage. But the dead of both sides owe nothing to the living in today”s society.

Somewhere in all this lies the truth … America is a mixture of the nostalgia of a better day and the frantic manias of the age of star wars and weird weaponry.

Only the people are dispensable in this saga. Bummer.

~ The Author ~
Dorothy Anne Seese was a child actress in Holywood, most well known for her role as ‘Phronsie Pepper‘ in the Five Little Peppers series of films. Later in life, she became a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular contributor for the first generation Federal Observer. At the time of the above post, Miss Seese had been retired after 25 years as a legal secretary/assistant and, prior to that, over 15 years as a business systems and procedures analyst. Her hobby was freelance writing. A native of Southern California, Dorothy A. Seese resided in Sun City, Arizona until her death in December of 2015 of cancer.

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