Representative Ilhan Omar Just Called on Muslims to “Raise Hell

The Door in the underbelly of the TROJAN HORSE has been opened and the occupants have slid down the rope and entered into the City (America) and have done this INFILTRATED INTO THE SOCIETY – some of them have also moved into the LEGISLATIVE realms – while a few are also beginning to DOMINATE in certain areas of our ‘CITY’ (America) – and here we have one of them shouting out to DECIMATE.


I began shouting the warning against CAIR back in the 90’s as I could see back then what they were – ENEMIES WITHIN – INFILTRATORS – Causing polite people to not be seen as being offensive by calling them what they really were/are. They use all those *words* to intimate and sadly too many buy into that intimidation. The media really uses that as a way to silence any opposition to these ENEMIES WITHIN.

As far as I am concerned anyone who supports, defends, aids in any way the presence of these Muslim/ISLAMISTS – these ANTI AMERICAN – ANTI Christians – is my enemy. Providing political pulpits to these foreign warriors should be grounds for prosecution of being a traitor and immediately placed in solitary confinement in a secure prison, off shore. (Git-Mo).

I’ve said it before – NO ONE who refuses to swear allegiance to America and swear their Oath of Office on the Holy Bible should be allowed to hold ANY political office in our nation. In fact I wouldn’t even let them be able to VOTE in our elections. That gives them the opportunity to INFILTRATE in other ways. Too many Americans are too willing to SELL OUT for the Thirty pieces of silver. (Can I say the CLINTON’S?) ~ Jackie Juntti

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