Where Do We Go From Here?

If people won’t step up now, our future looks grim. The choice is yours. Sit on the sidelines or be a player.

What has happened to our country? We elect Muslims who want to impeach OUR President, we want our children born without an identity, we allow thousands of people to cross our borders illegally (committing horrible crimes), we call a Wall immoral – yet we condone ripping babies piece by piece out of their mother’s womb. How much more immoral can we become?

We cry for compassion as homeless Veterans and seniors suffer, yet we have compassion for invaders who are here illegally and will never serve or pay a dime.

Americans need to STAND UP and take this country back. The time for talking about it is OVER. ~ Ed.

As a retired Member of Congress (1985-97), my heart breaks for what we are leaving our kids and grandchildren. We have failed to keep our country together.

We have been shamed into letting happen what has taken place with our culture for fear of offending someone, either personally or as a group.

Politicians that have sought power and position rather than stand up for the country they are supposed to protect, hunt for votes and use our tax money, break the law and invite people to come here illegally to build their voter base. 

It is a sorry time in our history. I will be considered some kind of nut job for blowing the horn on this invasion of our Constitution and way of life. However, what we really need are more nut jobs to sound the horn!

Having made 80 trips around the sun on this marvelous rock we call Earth, these old eyes have witnessed a dramatic change in the way we live. Modern technology has brought us a way of life that was just in the imagination of the science fiction writers when I was growing up.

Sadly, we have lost much of our culture and all the good things it stood for. It was destroyed gradually over time, a process that continues today. Hopefully, we have time to turn it around, but time is short. My generation is sitting in Heaven’s waiting room, did we do enough instill a desire to live free in our kids and grandkids?

A quick study of history is frightening, but useful. Democracies have a shelf life of around 200 years. Hmm, how old are we?

They start to crumble when those that depend on government begin to outnumber those paying for government, i.e. tax paying workers and businesses.

At work in the background is the gradual pushing out of school classes teaching the country’s history and promotion of patriotism.

In the adult community differences are being replaced with diversity, acceptance of anything regardless of value, punishment for not accepting all the groups, thoughts and depraved activity.

Life becomes less valuable. Laws are changed to make it easy to live any life style and not have to be responsible for your actions.

Eventually, with those being taxed outnumbered by those that depend on the taxed someone starts to promote the wonderful idea of economic equality. The rich are evil and must share their wealth. Socialism is a more appropriate term.

In all the countries in the world, in all the time that history has been recorded, socialism has failed! It has been a disaster. Just look at Venezuela!

The one thing that people pushing the socialist agenda have never done is balance a checkbook. There must be an economic and moral foundation to hold a country together. It’s that simple and yet so hard to do.

We have one of our major political parties pushing socialism! Add to that they have been able to get a sizeable number of people elected to Congress and there are more on the way.

We have had creeping socialism in this country for many, many years. It now has come to a size that is posed to swamp our Republic and turn it into a country run by the government rather than the people.

If you still are a doubter and believe things are just fine, look at the size of the Federal government. In 2018 the Labor Department said we had 2.7 million employees. Add another 2.2 million for the military and National Guard, 2 million civilian employees and 603,911 postal workers comes up to 7.5 million people dependent on the taxpayers for their paychecks. That’s about 2% of the US population.

But their paychecks are not breaking our financial back.

According to CBO in 2017 we spent $4 trillion dollars. Income from taxes was $3.3 trillion. The check book didn’t balance. This doesn’t appear to be giving many of those in Congress any type of heartburn; and in all fairness, on either side of the political aisle.

We spent a little over $12,000 for every man, woman and child in this country! In 2018 there were about 150 million out of our population of 325 million at work. Beginning to see the economic problems we face?

Add to the weakness of our financial support, the loss of a moral compass, the infiltration of millions of illegal aliens (and the press never mentions the millions from radical countries that have moved into the country) and we have a formula for disaster.

If people won’t step up now, our future looks grim. The choice is yours. Sit on the sidelines or be a player.

Written by Jim Ross Lightfoot for Canada Free Press ~ February 15, 2019

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