THINK about abortion

Think about abortion. What if it was legal up until the age of 18? In some places here in the United States it’s legal up until actual birth. There’s legislation in the works to make it legal during birth and even directly after birth. Now, we’re making progress.

A sixteen or seventeen year old would probably agree that life begins at 18. So, why abort before birth when you don’t even know how they’re going to turn out. We could use all the reasons why some mothers want to kill their babies. Go no further than the teenage years for justification. What if we find out we do not like who the father is as in cases of rape or incest? What if they become a financial burden to their families or are the wrong sex? Or it could be as simple as we don’t want children anymore.

I realize it is a lot more difficult to kill your children before you actually see them but remember they’re all cute when they’re little. Think of the simplicity of it. Instead of having to explain their behavior at school, or when they wreck the car, or they end up in juvenile detention simply take them down to the local abortion clinic and have them aborted. Let’s not even consider what the children think about this. We’ve already set the precedent for that when they can’t object. And it’ll still be illegal to spank them for misbehaving on the way to the abortion clinic.

Does this all sound reasonable? What if it was actually true? What if we actually got to this? We are getting closer. What would we do about it if we drove by the abortion clinic and watched mothers taking their child in to have him or her aborted? Would we write letters to the editor? Would we picket in front of the clinic? Now be careful not to get radical or anything.

Bob Nix

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