A very tough decision…

In January of 2017 we launched a new web-blog, known as Metropolis Café. Those who have visited often have come back many times over these past two years to glean all that they could – for the benefit of REAL history as well as many postings offering help and guidance as relates to the Public Fool System (PFS) in America today.

One need only to spend time there to understand why we face the problems in this nation today with evacuees from Daddy and Mommy’s basement – only as it benefits the evacuees.

The Metropolis Café project has had much meaning to me for reasons that you may still visit and read for yourself – for NOW! We strongly urge you to visit and spend time there while you still can. In this past two-years plus – we have published nearly 1,000 columns, opinions and historically correct speeches, letters and more beginning long before the ‘discovery’ of what we now call America.

When Federal Observer was first launched in July of 2001 – one of our earliest categories was ‘Village of the Damned’. It is a category which we also chose to carry over to Metropolis Café (Go ahead – click on THAT link – AGAIN). Through that link, you will find 600 posts in that category alone. Beginning in the next few days – we will BEGIN to move all that has been posted back over to Federal Observer. There is no point in maintaining a number of sites – just for the purpose of “reaching an audience who might care” – because for the most part – they don’t, but I understand. Frankly – in America today – we have too many battles pulling in us in all directions – and it is all by design.

The game is being played very well to Divide and Conquer. We ARE living in the last Days of the Modern Roman Empire ~ and yet I will spend my last days doing all that I can to reach one caring person at a time. Who knows – the one person we reach could be your child or grandchild who has the ability to save us from the Socialist horrors that I see coming.

…and so as we begin this transition (and don’t kid yourself – it is going to take quite some time to complete the project) – continue to visit Metropolis Café as there is still much to be read.

We posted our very first Education column within days of the launch of Federal Observer – a piece by a man who became a close friend and advisor, the late (Uncle) Alan Caruba. Today we relaunch the ‘Village of the Damned‘ Category with that original posting… and subsequently also post the latest posting from Metropolis Café – written by Al Benson Jr. – a regular contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over…

I’ll see you at Sundown…

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