The RNC is a Dead Elephant

Anyone remember the 2012 presidential election? Meh, you probably don’t. The attention span of most Americas is pretty short. Back in 2012, there was this Republican who was trying to save the Republican Party. Like most candidates, he had some pretty good ideas and some pretty bad ideas. Unfortunately, both the Republican Party and the conservative media (especially FOX News) threw him under the bus even though all the polls said he could clobber Obama during the RNC primaries. Instead, we got a wet noodle.

A lot of Republicans and Libertarians looked at 2012 as one of the most corrupt election processes of the century at least at the time. The RNC pretty much tossed out ballots and lied about election results so that the peoples champion, Ron Paul would never stand a chance in hell of being elected. It was a complete disgrace that only a corrupt political party and media could possibly justify. This after 4 years of a completely impotent party. They didn’t even try to stop the Obama regimes Frankfurt School agenda but they could stop one of their own from doing so. For many conservatives, all of this was more than proof that the Republican Party didn’t give a dam about anything other than the Republican Party as a political entity.

What the leaders of both parties fail to recognize is that President Trump did not win because he was a Republican or even that he ran under the Republican Party. Trump won because Trump was the only one willing to confront America’s biggest problems head-on. He knew what our priorities were and he had a plan Americans could get behind. Everyone else was just spouting the same lies they spouted every 2 years.

The truth is most of Trumps voters don’t think much of the Republican Party and frankly, he could have run under any banner and gotten elected. In their great wisdom, a great many elected officials within the Republican Party are still, even now doing everything they can to “get rid of him”. Trumps voters see that. One of the comments that was repeated over and over again by people who participated in the #WalkAway movement was that Trump voters are very well informed. Well some of us are anyway and we sure as heck don’t marry parties for life. Trump attracted voters from every political party, not just Republicans, in fact, he could not have won nor could anyone else solely on Republican votes.

It is clear that the Republican Party has been on a downhill slide for a very long time. Though it is true the voters got rid of several bad players during the last election cycle by voting for anyone else, a hefty percentage of the Republican hierarchy is still lazy and shiftless and apparently only occupying their chairs for an opportunity to fleece the American taxpayer and acquire insider information for investment trading. How else do you think they get so rich on their salaries?

I’m not usually for everyone following the top dog blindly but for the last 27 years, the Republican Party has been the party of do nothing and corruption. We could probably handle some of the corruption as we have for 250 years already but not so much the do nothing part especially considering the problems we are facing. Trump has a plan the Republican Party has a scam. If the RNC wants to survive post-Trump they’d better get on board with his program and support them hugely because if they don’t, there may come a day not long after Trump is gone where there won’t be a Republican Party of consequence anymore.

Written by Patrick McCarthy for iPatriot ~ January 14, 2019.

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1 thought on “The RNC is a Dead Elephant

  1. Duane

    Ya I remember 2012. When me and my friends beat the Neocons for the delegate spots in Oregon the Neocons shut the convention down so they could appoint their Neocon friends as Alternate’s. Then Romney sent his lawyer to our closed to the public with security guards to our meeting to vote for the committee spots at the RNC. The Neocon’s allowed the alternates to vote. It is against the RNC rules, we objected Romney’s lawyer said um ya they can vote. Oregon now has a super majority of Democrats running the capitol. It is bad they will be voting on the worse gun bills in America. Highest taxes. Oh yeah and a sanctuary state. No wonder they want our guns.

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