$18.5 Billion A Year: Americans Subsidize Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Even though illegal aliens are in theory, unable to tap federal money through the Medicaid and ACA programs, there are exceptions and loopholes that cost federal, state and local taxpayers $18.5 billion a year.

The main exception is for emergency medical care, such as a heart attack or a car accident. The loopholes are everywhere. In both the Medicaid and ACA programs, the taxpayers subsidize hospitals for patients with no insurance but it does not distinguish between eligible expenses and those for illegal aliens.

NOTE: During the week of January 13th through the 19th, 2019 – nearly 700 illegals crossed the Southern borders of Arizona and New Mexico border and instantly demanded medical assistance and/or asylum. ~ Ed.

In California, state tax payers pay to insure all illegal aliens through their state program. (Continue reading…)

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