United Nations Facilitating Invasion of our Southern Border

I personally spoke to a Mexican Woman today about this article and the 10,000 Caravan are criminals; not nice poor Mexicans trying for a better life. She said, “Caravan being supported by foreign money in UN.”

The United Nations is now openly aiding and facilitating an invasion of the United States’ southern border.

In 2017, Trump took a hatchet to the United Nations’ budget. He ended up cutting well over a hundred million in “donations” that Obama had promised to the UN. That included funding to the United Nations’ humanitarian relief agencies, programs that were highly politicized.

RINOs in Congress teamed up with Democrats to restore a lot of that funding. For example, Republican Senators Collins (ME), Graham (SC), and Alexander (TN) teamed up with the left to restore funding to the United Nations’ radical climate change agency.

As fast as Pres. Trump could cut, the Congress would restore the funding. That is how 34 million of your taxdol.lars ended up trickling into the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Thanks to the spineless Republicans that allowed this and other UN funding to be restored, the United Nations is now on the ground actively helping the illegal migrant caravans moving through Mexico.

The UN helped the caravan get buses. That is how a caravan originally averaging 12 miles a day could go from Mexico City to Tijuana in just half a week… The United Nations used our taxes to do that.

But they’re not done. Now that more than 10,000 caravan migrants have reached border cities like Tijuana, Mexico is demanding that the United Nations start providing food aid and shelter to the migrants. And the UN is more than happy to help…

Don’t let the United Nations use your taxdol.lars to help the caravan! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and force them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and cut the UN’s funding once and for all!

The caravan really has two options. They can rush the border en masse and hope to get past the grossly outnumbered border patrol agents. Or they can bide their time and try to get into the US by gaming the asylum system.

It they choose to wait, the border checkpoints are processing less than 100 applications a day. That means it will take at least 100 days for everyone in the caravan to have their fraudulent asylum claims processed. Longer if more migrants continue streaming into the border region.

That is where the United Nations is coming in. They are going to provide housing, food, and medical care to the caravan for as long as it takes for them to get into the United States. It doesn’t matter whether the caravan migrants do it legally or illegally, the United Nations is on the ground to help them get into the United States.

It’s absolutely shameful. UN officials are meeting with individual migrants to teach them how to apply for asylum, specifically which words and phrases to use in order to be accepted (even if their stories aren’t true). Scripts are being handed out to the caravan to teach them how to game the United States’ asylum system.

The UN is only able to do this because Congress temporarily restored their funding. In less than two weeks, Congress will vote on legislation that, as of right now, will totally restore the United Nations’ funding. All of the cuts President Trump made would be funded once more.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Pull the plug on the UN globalists! Please, send your instant letter to Congress now and demand they immediately pass the legislation to defund the United Nations once and for all!

At the start of the next year, Paul Ryan will turn over the Speaker’s gavel to the next Democrat Speaker (likely Nancy Pelosi). When that happens, Republicans will lose what the founders called the “power of the purse.” This is the power given specifically to the Congress. It allows Congress to fund — or defund — executive programs. President can either be empowered or have their hands tied through this process.

When the Democrats take over, they will restore the United Nations’ funding. The hundreds of millions that Trump cut will flow right back into their coffers.

We have the power — right now — to make sure those cuts stay in place at least through next year. However, that isn’t what Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are planning on doing… Their plan is to pass a “Continuing Resolution,” funding the United Nations at the levels from before Trump made his massive cuts. They’re not even going to force Nancy Pelosi to fight to restore the funding.

It is a massive betrayal, not only of the President but also the American people.

There are now more than 10,000 caravan migrants at the southern border, just waiting for their opening to get into the US. The United Nations is using your taxes to take care of the caravan. Not only are they going to provide food and housing, but UN officials are coaching the migrants how to trick Border Patrol into letting them into the country.

Make no mistake: The United Nations is now openly aiding and facilitating an invasion of the United States’ southern border.

President Trump is already fighting against the Judiciary and elements within his own administration. Now, the United Nations wants to join the fight against Trump’s immigration policies. Do not let them!

The legislation has already been introduced. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act would cut all funding to the United Nations. The only expenditures allowed would be to facilitate the United States’ withdrawal.

This is how we win this fight, but only if we push it through now!

Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to pull the plug on the United Nations, once and for all!

The vote on the spending package has now been scheduled. In less than two weeks, GOP traitors will try to push this UN funding through.

If we are going to stop them, it has to be now!

Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to pull the plug on the United Nations, once and for all!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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