image by Roman Nockwell?

Why not. I am sick of cooking this meal that few appreciate any longer anyway. HEY – just go stuff that turkey… Up YOURS. Gimme a steak, a ham – a freaking Hackney’s burger on Black Rye with a full order of Onion Rings. The hell with it – two orders of rings. Oh yeah – THAT would be the life. Fourteen hours for what? So people can snarkily eye each other at the dinner table and finish eating in 20 to 25 minutes and don’t even give thanks for the meal? Then just who in the hell do you think washes the dishes? Yup – KFC – home of the headless, featherless, fattened up GMO-fed Bucket-O-Chicken-shit.

I’ll see y’all at Sundown,

Jeffrey Bennett

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