…bridges, not walls!

This has been an unusual 24 hours in my life… I could not sleep well last night, but…

On and off throughout the day while working on-line I find that I must return to music to calm my anxiety – and believe me – with all of the hate and the anger that we are all witnessing in this nation today – my anxiety grows. But this time it was not music which affected me… Last night I visited several web-pages dealing with Trump’s day on Earth yesterday. One event was the official White House welcoming of Judge Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. The second event was the President speaking before a major police organization.

The majority of the comments posted (in a Facebook format) while the events continued, were of a uplifting, positive and congratulatory type, but they were also spattered with notes and messages of HATE, and I thought to myself, ‘doesn’t it ever stop?‘ When does the hate go away?

I have over the years made it quite clear, that in my opinion – the Day America Died was November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Let us be blunt here – all men and women have frailties and have committed sinful acts at some point in their lives, and although my family were “straight ticket” Republicans, I have always cast for vote for the man (or woman) and more importantly – the issues – but in my lifetime – as much as I liked Ronald Reagan the man – in my opinion, John F. Kennedy was the last great president that this nation has had – or may ever see. It’s all been downhill from that day.

As relates to Trump, my concern from the outset, was that he has surrounded himself with more representatives of the Swamp – which makes one wonder – how do you drain the Swamp when you continue to feed from it? Yes – he has accomplished some things that should have been done oh, so long ago. Has he kept all of his campaign promises? Which winner of ANY election has?

The WALL? Forget about it! Remember the Alamo – the enemy showed up with ladders taller than the wall – and they will continue to bring them. Strip Illegal aliens of ALL US taxpayer funded freebies – and they will return home. No driver’s licenses, no free education, EBT cards (for the children’s benefit – of course), NO government assistance PERIOD!

The Supreme Court? So far, so good – and the Demon-Crats cannot stand the fact that Trump has been able to place two so-called Conservative Judges on the Supreme Court. Ruth is slumping more and more with each new photo. Her time cannot be far behind. I wish her a peaceful journey. I miss her great friend, Justice Scalia.

But I digress… I am getting off track.

In the words of Billy Crystal, “My friends, only once in a thousand years or so, do we get to hear a Mozart, or see a Picasso, read a Shakespeare…

Throughout my life the death’s of many people have affected me, including both of my great-grandmother’s, my grandmother, my Mother-in-Law, our great friend, Sharna Bader (a nice Jewisher Goil, who was godmother to our daughter), JFK, John Wayne, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr., Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks, Ella Fitzgerald and many others, whose names and faces escape me at the moment, and yet… there was one more, a young man named Cassius Clay – a man whose fight for the Heavyweight Champion of the World against Sonny Liston I listened to February 25, 1964 – the eve my 16th birthday.

Clay offended people many years later when he became a Muslim and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. I was not offended, as I did not fully understand at the time, yet what we have witnessed with those who are of the Muslim Faith today – are completely the opposite of that which Ali stood for. They should look to the lessons of the Man and to build bridges – not walls.

What we are witnessing in politics in American today, in addition to the streets as well as society in general in America today is appalling. The man had his issues, but he lived most of his life with a degree of Grace (in and out of the ring) and eloquence. Each of us should look to the lessons of the Man and to build bridges – not walls.

In looking at several videos today – I came across the following, which I had not watched for some time and each time I watch it – something new comes before me. Watch it in its entirety and remember to build bridges – not walls.

Beginning today – endeavor to make your life better than it has been – better than it was.

I’ll see you at Sundown,

3 thoughts on “…bridges, not walls!

  1. Jackie

    Anxiety is how Satan disrupts our lives. Even though the current events are upsetting and irritating for sure, I do not feel the *anxiety* so many do. Why not? Because I know that my Lord and Savior fills me with His Holy Spirit resulting in a PEACE that I can’t describe but it is very real. I was going to quote the saying, “God hates the sin but loves the sinner” but then I came across this bit of writing and it gives a better explanation, IMHO.
    God Hates Sin But Loves the Sinner
    If God hates sin, and He does, then how can He love those of us who are saved because we still sin? God hates our sins but He forgives us if we repent and confess them to Him (1 John 1:9) but if you say you’re not a sinner, then you are actually calling God a liar (1 John 1:8, 10) because every human that has ever lived has sinned (Rom 3:23). For those who are His own children and are born again God loves us but He never loves the sin. I am a father and love my children dearly but when they disobeyed I hated what they did but I never hated them. I always separated the disobedience from the child. They sinned against me by their willful disobedience but my love was not conditional upon their being perfect. In a similar, but far more perfect manner, God hates our sin but He never hates those who are His own. When Christians sin, and we all do, we can lose fellowship with God and our prayers will be affected and God will chastise us in ways that show His love. That is why daily confession is important. Not if, but when we sin, we lose fellowship with the Father, but we never, ever lose our relationship as He being our Father. Just as my children disobeyed me they lost my favor and I disciplined them but they were still, and will always be, my children. If they disobeyed me and then afterwards came up to me to ask for something, I would be hesitant to give it to them if they didn’t confess their disobedience and apologize, however if they confessed their disobedience and apologized, then I would be of a better mind to give them what they asked for. However, if they continued to disobey, I would withhold privileges exactly because I love them. Part of my love for them is my discipline. The opposite of love is not hate…it is indifference. I wouldn’t care. They could do whatever they wanted. What a horrible father that would make me out to be.

    Read more: https://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/god-hates-the-sin-but-loves-the-sinner-is-this-in-the-bible/#ixzz5TXfrPDz1

    None of us can bring a halt to the Hate, the anger, the evil that is running wild on this earth but we CAN refuse to participate in those acts. We CAN find PEACE within in spite of the turmoil by asking Christ to fill our beings – by confessing our sins – repenting (changing how will live) – and asking Christ into our hearts. Satan is not going to let up as his entire agenda is to DESTROY everything he can. Put on the Full Armor of God and stand in opposition to the Devils operations.

  2. DixieVixen

    Hate knows nothing but hate and understands nothing but hate.
    Love cannot defeat eternal inbred hate and violence.
    Education is key.
    One can not love if they’ve never seen love or experienced it.
    The real root of hate is bred in misinformation and leading propaganda repeatedly thrust to the forefront when “educating” young and weak impressionable minds.

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