A question of “illegal voters” ~ REDUX

It is time to recycle this column…. On May 5th, 2010, I received an email from a reader, inquiring about “proof,” that voting by those who were not eligible to vote, was in fact taking place in the united States. His question arose, because of a discussion he had had, with a hard-left Democrat, as related to the topic of votes cast by illegal aliens.

We submit to you, the author’s letter, and my response to him. JB

The E-Mail
I agree with your article about the problem of illegal immigrants voting. However, in debating this issue with a far left Democrat who claims that the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law is racist, he further claims that since I can’t give him one example of an arrest and/or conviction of an illegal voting in any city, state, or federal election; i.e., a jurisdiction, docket and case number; there therefore has never been a case of an illegal voting, hence the issue is merely “right-wing propaganda and childish bull****”. In other words, our voting system is perfect in that Democrats have never encouraged illegals, the dead, or felons to vote (Mayor Daley Sr. of Chicago notwithstanding), unless of course one is talking about Bush and the Republicans, then two elections were stolen, or three if you count Mexico. By the way, I would never claim that Republicans are innocent of such conduct as I believe both parties are equal opportunity opportunists when it comes to gathering votes.

So it would help if you published information in an article of proven cases of illegal immigrant voting with jurisdiction, date, case, and docket numbers. Such specific information would settle the argument , at least after I gave him a thousand examples — maybe. I would like an email citing any evidence you may have but I realize that your schedule restraints might not allow responding to individual requests for such information, hence that’s why I said an article would be most helpful.


R. E. Benitez
Major, USAF, Retired
Omaha, NE

The Response
Good morning sir,

I appreciate your comments, and am sorry for my tardiness in responding to your request.

I love the reference to Daley, as I grew up in Chicaga (spelling intentional) during “Hizzoner’s” reign. As to his son, the apple never falls far from the tree.

The problem with this issue, is that no one admits to illegal voting, by anyone, yet it has gone on for ages. The argument is weighted, in the fact, that there is a massive trade (at least in Arizona) of the issuance of false identification documents, from Social Security cards (identity theft, in most instances, with large fees being paid for this), drivers licenses, and much more. Once these items have been acquired, it becomes easy to vote, and go undetected.

When Loretta Sanchez ran against Bob Dornan in California some years ago (and won), cries of questionable voting practices took place, and upon investigation, was proven to have had large numbers of questionable votes cast, but it was allowed to slide by, as the cost to investigate – in both time and money – was not worth the effort.

In Arizona, a disproportionate number of Hispanics (legal residents and/or citizens) have carefully and quietly worked their way into positions of government employment, and therefore it becomes easier to “wink-wink”, when one goes into the Motor Vehicle facilities to apply for a drivers license, at which time you are asked, “would you like to register to vote?” No one asks for a birth certificate, or any other form of ID. It’s so loose, that an alien from outer space could walk in and walk out with the proper certification to drive.

One can only assume that similar practices take place throughout the nation. The cold-hard reality is that, if one is willing to violate the laws of our nation, and enter illegally, then they will have no scruples, when it comes to violating other laws. In Arizona, minimum requirements are in place, requiring all operators of a motor vehicle to have liability insurance. Most illegal aliens do not follow those rules either, therefore, when one is involved in an accident, they quickly run – either on foot, if their vehicle, has been rendered inoperable, or they quickly drive away, leaving the victim to fend for themselves, and/or have their insurance company pick up the tab. This happened to my sister twice in 6 months, and her case is common throughout this nation.

I realize that this is somewhat off-topic from your letter, however, once the “rules of engagement” have been established by an illegal alien (from any part of the world), going to another state, and acquiring their “papers” becomes easier, but once again, in Arizona, the violations of both US and state laws are so blatant, that everyone just looks the other way, as it just takes too much time and financial resources to locate and prosecute the violators.

Later today, I will be publishing one of the most telling stories, which I have ever published – written by one such as yourself, a retired member of the US Military. I believe that it will show, just how horrible our conditions have become in Arizona – the “gateway to America.”

Once again Major, I thank you for your comments, and affording me to respond to your concerns.

Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher

To our readers...
If any of you have proof, of the type the Major is inquiring of, please forward it to us.

As for the referenced column, stand by, and you nay-sayers, open-border-amnesty loving, and bleeding-heart liberals, will get a taste of what we live through in the War Zone, known as Arizona, each and every day.

As we reach the end of this road, I’ll see you at Sundown.

Without Apology I am,

Jeffrey Bennett

~ About the Author ~
A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has broadcast for over 24 years years as host of various programs and has been considered the voice of reason on the alternative media – providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as health and wellness, news, financial well-being, political satire (with a twist), education and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. In addition, he is the CEO of Kettle Moraine, Ltd.

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