The Insanity That WAS America

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain… ~ Paul Anka

The above is the first verse of the song made famous by Frank Sinatra, and I believe that it states clearly the path that we, as a nation have embarked upon… and its outcome will not be good. What is happening this day – at this time in our history – at this hour – is the most sickening thing I have witnessed in my seventy-odd years on this earth.  The war is ahead of us – and the ending will be much like that of the final Fall of Rome. Be blessed my friends, for we are on the final journey.

I’ll see you at Sundown,

Jeffrey Bennett, Editor

2 thoughts on “The Insanity That WAS America

  1. Sharon

    You’re absolutely right. I can find so many holes in Ford’s testimony. I’m hoping that the Deep State FBI wise up and do some serious checking into Ford’s background. The second door, her escape door because of Kavanaugh, was an addition to her home to rent rooms, at one time Google interns. In the Midwest, that second door is that is used by children and/or service people. It leads into a mud room, not the main foyer of the house, Ford made it appear that she had another front door that was also out of the front foyer. She is very unstable, using her child like voice in retelling her story. She is not a psychologist, she has no license in CA. It like a law school grad calling herself a lawyer. If I can spot these discrepancies so should experienced FBI agents. Fird’s attorneys are far left activists and Bromwich is representing McCabe. The Dems will pay for more false accusations from trashy women to come forward, especially if Avenati is finding them. The entire situation is the Dems once again obstructing and resisting, using every dirty tactic. The sad thing is that the RINOs Flake, Collins and Murkowski fall for it every time.

  2. Goldbug

    First thing I asked myself about this second accuser: Is she three feet tall, or is she on her knees? As a female octogenarian+, I can assure you that FEMALES are very skilled liars, so these paid morons should quit pretending to be victims. Confirm Kavanaugh now.

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