John Mason Brown – Groton, Mass., 1958

“I am sick and tired of the snivelers, the defeated and the whiners.”

Editor’s note: For all that you are about to read… one could change a dozen words or so – and maybe a few names to update the topic of the discussion… but tell me – what would be different in comparison to this day and time? The terms, “snivelers” or “whiners” would translate into the “snowflakes” of today. ~ Ed.

John Mason Brown, noted critic and lecturer, consigned to a deserved ignominy the prophets of the “beat generation” in a talk to one of his favorite audiences, the “sixth form” and graduating class of the Groton School for Boys. He delivered the “Prize Day Address.”  Continue to full posting>>>

2 thoughts on “John Mason Brown – Groton, Mass., 1958

  1. Mark

    I heartily endorse the complete and total rejection of nihilism, whining, self-pity, boredom because you have too much, and the silly naval gazing the author justifiably rails against.

    Life is too precious and juicy sweet and full of challenges, battles worth fighting and victories worth savoring to worry about those (in every generation) who can’t get out of their own way. Crap, look at the pitiful Snowflake Millennials if you want to see a silly self consumed “Lost Generation?”

    Kerouac’s book should have been titled: “On the Road to Complaining Too Much.” Osborne’s book, “Look Back in Self Inflicted Stupid Self Importance.”

    Not that I have an opinion or anything.


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