Seventeen Years and No More Counting

The Purge is 100% complete…

July 24, 2001: The Federal Observer was launched – a mere seven weeks before the tragedy of September of that year.

At that time, few websites of our type existed and there was a tremendous amount of gifted writings to be seen. Somehow we were able to draw from some amazingly unique and talented writers. Many have moved on to what are now BIGGER and maybe better blogs. And far too many of those who became good friends have passed on into the next life. Still others continue to submit their work to Kettle Moraine Publications for posting.

With 17 years of this publication behind us, and 24 years of short-wave, satellite and Network broadcasting behind us, the question comes to me each day – “What difference have we really made?”

I fear, not enough – other than with individual people and/or families. OH – in conjunction with my friend, retired commercial airline pilot, Dennis Jackson – we co-authored a petition, which was posted three days after 9/11 calling for the rearming of commercial airline pilots once more (a regulation which had expired during the same month as the launching of our web-site). The petition went viral on The Federal Observer, and later was carried onto the floor of both houses of the United States Congress – one by then Representative Ron Paul, the other by then Senator Bob Smith. What began with two guys from Arizona (and not supported one bit by the NRA or Gun Owners of America), was passed into Law and signed as such by President George W. Bush.

I should have let it go once we accomplished that, but…

Within a matter of weeks, Federal Observer will be turning the lights out.

In the words of the fictional character, John Coffey in the movie, “The Green Mile,”

I am afraid that there is nothing that any of us can do to change what Coffee felt.

To each of our long time contributors, I want to express my greatest appreciation for all that you have done or attempted to do to awaken a dying nation (Empire) for all of these years. I know that many of you will not give up – and neither will I. I will just be doing it in a different manner. Soon I will be opening a personal Blog, but included within it – will be links provided for each of you who currently maintain your own blogs.

The goal of this new venture, will be for my own writings and musings, however there will be a section within, where I will be bringing over a small sampling of writings from the Federal Observer – each of them timeless and worthy of keeping said columns out there – most of them from those whose names are listed below.

I want to first pay homage to my co-Editor for the first 10 years of publication – a brilliant writer and amazing graphic artist in his own right ~ Louis Turner, who assisted in posting over 80,000 columns during that first decade and sometimes we did 30 to 40 columns per day – without pay. Since then, Louis has done the art work on most of the book covers for projects published by Kettle Moraine Publications. A gratified ‘cawinky-dink‘ to you old friend.

I will not attempt to post names in alphabetical order here, nor is the order meant to place preference or fondness for one writer’s work over another, but once again – my heartfelt thanks goes out to…

I know that there are more whom I have forgotten – both living and deceased, but it’s late – later than we think.

The Federal Observer website will remain on line for a while longer, as we prepare the transition to the new endeavor, but you’ll note – that the Purge is complete. Within weeks – we’ll have a link on board directing readers to our new project, which will be more of a personal blog – but with a few surprises. If you have a blog or site of your own, please insure that you provide me with the correct address so that we may make a link available for our readers.

I’ll see you at Sundown,

15 thoughts on “Seventeen Years and No More Counting

  1. Mark


    Who knows how much time you saved me defending what’s left of the Republic from Comrade Mike! I’m thrilled you put him out of all our misery’s.

    In-between farming and chicken wrangling and writing for a magazine and a Grandson who came down with meningitis and a sister with cancer I was off the net and on my knees.

    The boy recovered 100% (that was scary) and my sister had a successful surgery. Thanking God for both!

    To quote my favorite Terminator: “I’ll be back.”

  2. Mark


    I just starting commenting after a pause dealing with two sudden family illnesses and just read this. I haven’t been around that long but thoroughly enjoy The Federal Observer.

    As a PM guy since the Hunt Brother days I love Kettle and just subscribed to Metro.

    Look forward to your next adventure…best of luck.


  3. The Publisher Post author


    You will be included in the project. I’ll get word out as soon as I am better positioned. The only thing coming to an end – is the Federal Observer.

  4. Justin O Smith

    Jeff, My Dear Friend,

    I have truly enjoyed the journey and I have been proud and honored to have been a small part of this fine endeavor of Yours and to have Your support and friendship. This is not the end, but only a new beginning. And no matter if its a few days or a few years that pass without hearing from one another, my friendship with You will always remain solid and true.

    I wish You the greatest of success in the future, along with a good amount of time to stop and smell the roses and truly enjoy Your life with friends and family. It’s been a long, hard ride and You’ve earned a bit of a rest. Do whatever makes Your heart swell with happiness, and I’m certain a great number of others will appreciate it and love the results too.

    I’ll look forward to reading Your next few projects.

    God Bless You and Your Family and God Bless Our Beloved America.

    Your Friend Always ~~~ Justin

  5. Publisher

    Hey all – I didn’t say that I was going away. Stay tuned – you can still find me at,, and BUT – remember – I will be announcing the new project soon – and it is there that I will be writing more.

    I hate to say it – but I find that I actually like my writing. I think that it speaks more to the people. An example I reposted last night.

    Sure – it’s from 1999 – but tell me why it could not have been written last night! Has anything really changed? Or has it all gotten worse?

  6. IrishLeggz

    Oh my – I’ve so enjoyed this site & all the writers. You are going to be missed! I wish you could at least maybe write once in a while – all of you – find a forum to stay in touch. Your voices are a great light & I truly have appreciated the bold insightful views that have been produced.
    Thank you so much for being modern Paul Revere – all of you are awesome !

  7. hippybiker

    Good luck on the next endeavor! See you on the other side.
    ’73s’ from the hippybiker ARS: N9USZ

  8. Neal

    You have my number, call me from time to time to let me know what you’ve been up to. I’ll keep plugging away at my own blog; not because I think I’m going to make a difference, but because I’m just too damned pig-headed to give up. Besides, I gotta give Louis something to read on Facebook. ;)

  9. Sinolav

    Jeffrey, I will miss your articles ans insight, I do understand exactly why you decided to make this decision.
    I too have stopped trying to enlighten people, unless a person is so receptive, they rekindle the spark in me to do so.

  10. Joan Keating Tarzy

    I am so sad to read this…I am fairly new to your site.

    I just turned 75 and totally “get” how you feel!

    Wherever, whatever you do, I will be watching and reading!

    Just as an aside, I began paying attention to politics and life in general about 20 years’ ago…couldn’t have cared less before that. Didn’t even know what “party” I might belong to. Once the internet become so easy and available and I began to read various sites, I was shocked how corrupt so much of our government was and how very ignorant so many are!

    I find it all so upsetting…..especially the total stupidity of so many!

    Wherever, whatever…..I will be waiting and watching. Oh, but the way, you do make a big difference for so many…….Joan k Tarzy……. Brielle, New Jersey…ugh, NJ……..

  11. Publisher

    Thanks Brother, but we both know that you and I and many others have miles to go before we sleep. Given all that you have been going through – do you ever wonder WHY you are still here? I know why… See you at Sundown.

  12. Louis Turner

    Jeffrey Bennett;
    I am truly honored to have been involved in your super awesome publication of the Federalobserver. You are a Patriot that stands out above and beyond the call of duty and have blessed my life with your gift of artistic flair and flow of words that perfectly describes the freedom that we so desperately seek to see in this country of ours. May God truly bless you in all your endeavors and enable you to lead others into the Truth that you have dedicated yourself to for so many years. The Federalobserver will be sorely missed but the garland of gifted authors including yourself shall be remembered forever more. God Bless you my friend!

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