America’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave

The following was published on the Eve of the 2016 Presidential Election. It is worth the look back at this time. It would seem that we were well ahead of the curve here. See you at Sundown my friends. The Darkness approaches…. ~ J.B.

santafetrailmasseyhanging“I am only walking as God fore-ordained I should walk. All my actions, even the folly leading to this disaster, were decreed to happen long ages before this world began. But I cannot remember a night so dark as to have hindered the coming days, or a storm so furious as to prevent the return of warm sunshine in the country at peace. I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood. I let them hang me. I forgive them and may God forgive them, for they know not what they do.” ~ Raymond Massey as John Brown, Santa Fe Trail, Warner Bros. Pictures, 1940

Monday has been a frightful day, but the morrow brings me grave concern. Tonight is the eve of the horrible US Presidential election of 2016 and what we have witnessed thus far is sickening.

At what point did either of the Canned-I-Dates ever address the issues concerning the citizens of this once great Republic? These past months have been merely a stage for two half-assed actors, seemingly vying for the worst Rotten Tomatoes award that could ever be given. “Tit for Tat“, “He said, She said.” “He did – she did.”

Oh what marvelous examples we have ‘chosen’ for our children and grandchildren to look… down upon.

Of course the media has played their dirty hands oh so well – reporting on absolutely NOTHING meaningful – just “Pussy’s and Weiners galore – oh my!”

The emails, the tax returns, the Foundations and the coverups by the FBI, Obama, Lynch, the media (mea culpa) – and it will never end – no matter who is announced the winner about 24 hours from the time I am writing this. Or will it be resolved by then? What happens if it goes to the Supreme Court as it did with Bush and Gore in 2000?

Only eight currently sit upon that throne – and Roberts cannot be trusted. But what if their decision is locked in a virtual tie? Ahhh – the proverbial coin-toss. “Heads I win, Tails you lose!”

I need not expound anymore time on the subject, but to consider that America may in fact be headed toward ‘Harper’s Ferry‘ once more – for the beginning of a Civil War – the likes of which we have never experienced.

“Never experienced? Bennett, what the hell are you talking about? Back in 1861…”

“Shush – THAT was not a civil war. In fact, no war is ever civil. No – what you are speaking of, is the War of Northern Aggression – but that is a story for another day… Or read the works of Ross or Gaddy. Or pick up a copy of “AMERICA: The Grand Illusion, Book II ~ What God has Joined“.


No matter which of the candidates are declared the winner – America ultimately is the loser, and yet we share this bit of (slightly altered) dialog from the annals of the golden age of Hollywood. Speaking in regards to abolitionist,  John Brown (who is about to be hung), our character (played by the still living Olivia de Havilland) states;

“I’m not crying for him. I see something else up there – something more terrible than one man…or one woman” – Olivia de Havilland as fictional character, “Kit Carson Halliday,” Santa Fe Trail, Warner Bros. Pictures, 1940

I’ll see you on the battlefields at Sundown my friends. It is just around the corner…

Without Apology I am,


One thought on “America’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave

  1. Dagny

    Brilliant Jeff and absolutely true. American people have not had a choice in a long time. i would say from the very beginning it was a rigged system. It was designed and created to be a long con on a large number of people. The citizen slaves of this country and all around the world have no choices. they have only options. choices are what someone else does and they had you their choices and you are only allowed to ”choose” between the options provided. Candidate A or B. Food and medicine jobs. everything is designed to box you in. give you only options. never a choice. you can choose only from what someone ”ALLOWS” you to choose. someone who owns you. yet people don’t seem to realize the difference. Slaves choose nothing. those who are the masters do all the choosing for the slaves in their country, district, county. whatever you want to call it. Slaves accept the options given. Doubt it? The FDA, AMA, USDA to name a few choose for you what your allowed to have. what your allowed to eat. what medicines or treatment your allowed to use. What foods your allowed to consume. You don’t make that choice for yourself. someone else does. that someone else is your slave overseer or master.

    Free men do not accept options. Free men realize there is a 3rd option not immediately seen and certainly not provided by those who rule the world. It is the option to say NO…the option to turn and walk away. to let the system fall. let it die. don’t give it your consent and don’t accept what someone else has chosen for you. i would guess there are only a handful left that have that mentality. the rest would rather go with the herd. accept what they are provided. accept their OPTIONS. the options of a slave.

    this election much like all the rest are selections not elections. someone else did the choosing and then hand up that choice to the citizen slaves. look how the slaves sink themselves into that cirrus as well. I know of a person at a court house in a small town that had to clean the hall and bathroom as someone ”expressed” their displeasure that their OPTION wasn’t chosen by the other slaves. that expression was in a most child like and foul manner. they left their deposit in the hallway all the way to the bathroom and befouled it as well. what does that tell you about the mentality of the human herd? a year before that particular herd member knew nothing of the options they would be given and were not so vested in the outcome. a year later it is the be all end all of their existence and they had no choice in the matter at all but sunk themselves into the cirrus heart and soul for something they have no power over. truly insane.

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