The Heart of the Problem

It matters not what the problems of the nation are – illegal immigration, gun (read, “people“) control, employment, abortion, health, education, welfare or anyone of a hundred or a thousand different issues – the problems will NEVER be resolved by those who we have been repeatedly sending over back to Washington, D.C. – some of them for many decades.

Not a one of them represents ‘We the People‘ – they only represent BIG Corporate lobbies, and/or those who serve the military industrial complex, or Israel – or whomever THEY feel will line THEIR pocketbooks. Those who sit in the united States House of (non) Representatives or the united States Senate – and all of those who are employed by the largest corrupt cartel (United States of America, Inc.) in the world, will be this nation’s undoing.

It matters not what color you are, nor religion, nor which Party one is a member of, nor which of the multitude of sexual preferences one today claims to be associated with, gay, straight, unsure, MeToo, YouToo or whatever the hell one recognizes… the American people just stand by and do nothing!

To those of you who will be participating in the final Barbecue – enjoy the feast – for it shall be yourselves.

I’ll see the rest of you at Sundown!

Jeffrey Bennett

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  2. Mark

    We have a new pastor in our rural church deep in red fly overland country. Born in South Africa and raised in England he is a wonderful man of God and a powerful preacher of the gospel. Our 67 members are thrilled to have him as we all share his wide and deep faith.

    One of the cultural shocks he and his wife have found since moving into the parsonage is the sound of gunfire from a dozen home firing ranges within earshot. They both didn’t know what to think of the gunfire at first coming from cultures where the only people with guns are the government, the police and the bad guys.

    I have family born and breed in a blue state who were rattled when visiting after hearing three or four of my neighbors banging away with assault rifles one Saturday afternoon. They looked worried hearing the staccato gunfire seemingly coming from all points on the compass., asking me with alarm that was? I told them that is the sound of FREEDOM. They do not hear that sound in the coastal blue bubble they live in.

    We will lose the Constitution and the Bill of Rights if we ever lose the 2nd amendment…because that is the goal of the Globalists and the American Radical Left.

    We are fast approaching the point in this country (in my opinion) of Civil War 2. Many of my neighbors feel the same way…that is why you can hear so many practicing their muscle memory, including me, on Saturday afternoons.

    The cartoons at the top and bottom of this post fit my feelings and attitude perfectly.

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