I am offended… by a LOT of things

I think that it is adorable that people are offended by Trump saying, “shithole,” but…

I am offended by people wearing what they refer to as ‘vagina hats.’

I am offended by men going into a public restroom for women and young girls (like my granddaughters). Go “hang” out in the other restroom or water a tree in the parking lot…

I am offended by people disrespecting our flag – especially illegal invaders who want to keep flying the flag of the nation which they escaped from.

I am offended by illegal invaders getting my tax money for “free” housing “assistance”, “free” medical treatment and surgery (and abortions too), “free” education (day care through college), “free” food (EBT cards, food-stamps, etc.), a “free” ride, a “free” pass, “free” refunds from the IRS for something that they never paid into (earned income credits – hahahahaha).

I am offended that illegal invaders don’t get a “free” bus ride back to where they came from.

I am offended that there are Sanctuary cities and entire states who will not support the Federal Government as relates to the laws of the land. Trump ain’t Quasimodo…

‘Sanctuary! Sanctuary!’

I am offended by how corrupt our politicians are.

I am offended by how ignorant and arrogant Hollywood has become – or maybe they always were…

I am offended by racist groups such as BLM and the KKK.

I am offended by our universities that are run (into the ground) by Socialists and Fascists.

I am offended by the fact that Hillary has gotten away with being a cheat, a liar and corrupt (probable) felon for as long as she has.

I am offended by the fact that neither Trump nor Sessions has the guts to go after Hillary and put her away – once and for all.

I am offended by the ghettos in this land managed by Democrats for the purpose of gathering votes from the deaf, dumb and blind – and I speak NOT of those with the physical ailments – but those with the mental issues.

I am offended by the RINO’s who continue to pass themselves off as CONservative Republicans – yet remain oblivious to the wishes and demands of their constitutes (Screw you John McAnus and the like).

I am offended by the fact that I even have to write this stuff, but maybe we’ll reach someone.

But hell – I am just getting started Hopefully you get the idea…

Now – what can you add to the list?

It’s your turn. Post your “I am offended by…” comments below and we’ll add to this list and make it go viral.

I’ll see you at Sundown.

Without Apology I am,

Jeffrey Bennett

PS: Damn – three in 3 days!

6 thoughts on “I am offended… by a LOT of things

  1. Mark

    I am also offended by suspected paid liberal trolls…who unload globalist gun control garbage on a thread about Video Games leading our children into a dark world of VIDEO GAME brain numbing pretend violence that blurs the lines of their immature developing reality.

    See: The Effects of Video Game Violence

    I am also offended by suspected paid liberal trolls…who unload FemiNazi PC BS on a thread about the declining state of true grit masculinity because of the successful war being waged by the Cultural Marxists in our society.

    You see the Left know they must disarm U.S. while turning U.S. into Soy/Pajama Boys…right Mike?

    See: Men: A Dying Breed

  2. Mark


    We are simpatico on the the greatest evil in the world! Outstanding!!!

    I have spent the last 25 years investigating (my business career was spent mostly as a business fraud investigator) the international history of banking in general and the 3 American Central Banks in particular and there is no doubt in my mind “We the People” must throw their yoke off and expose their international/national evil for what it is…if we are ever to return to founding principles and take our liberty and freedom back from the Money Changers.

  3. Darkwing

    AMEN many times over: I have said the same thing many times and have been condemned by many.

  4. Mark

    I am offended by the privately owned gangster bankers who call themselves the FED, their corrupt system sucking the wealth out of the American people, the bribed professional politicians of both parties who allow them to plunder U.S. and refuse to audit then END THE FED…and last but not least the vast majority of the American people who are too stupid and brainwashed to realize how they have been duped and robbed since 1913.

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