Juntti: The NEED for Blue Collar Workers

dunce_web_19February 14, 2014 ~ Last night I saw a short interview of several people on the topic of there being a huge need for workers who can DO SOMETHING other than pass around paper or sit on a computer.

One man talked about the need for mechanics – plumbers – electricians – you know, BLUE COLLAR JOBS that do not require a college education to do.

Another mentioned the NEED and then talked about how the schools are not doing the job to TRAIN UP new workers and how the Child Labor act did away with the in-house training of young people to learn how to do these jobs.

All this brought about the **need** (NOT) for foreign workers to fill these positions that Americans aren’t filling. It also brought about the low paying jobs that are paid to foreign workers (ILLEGALS in many cases) which is supported by the Farm Bureau and The Chambers of Commerce.

It was one thing to allow Mexican workers to come in for agriculture jobs and then to RETURN to Mexico after the harvest. Before Reagan that was how things were done for the most part – ILLEGALS were NOT encouraged to come and stay as they got NO benefits to do so. (Continue to Metropolis Café…)

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