Juntti: What Time is it Kids?

It’s Howdy Doody Time!

boehner_doodyJune 21, 2013 ~ This Punch & Judy Show that has been played out in Congress for decades really needs to come to a screaming STOP.

There is no mystery or difficulty in resolving the issue of the ILLEGALS who are presently here in America. We are dealing with a bunch of GREEDY politicians and foreigners who are doing all they can to STEAL from the American taxpayer and citizen.

Super easy solution:

Each and EVERY ILLEGAL, including their anchor babies, must return to their country of origin within 30 days from July 1, 2013. The expense of that return is their own and not up to the American tax payer in any manner. If they really want to become an American citizen they can then apply thru the legal channels and methods to come to America… just as all those in the past and still some do today. Point being: We have Legal and Proper Avenues to come to America – ENFORCE THOSE RULES.

Each and Every ILLEGAL who is still residing on American soil on August 1, 2013 will be subject to prosecution, all their possessions will be confiscated and sold to recover the costs involved in dealing with them, and they will be denied from EVER being granted legal entry, by any manner, to America. The Anchor Babies will have to wait until they are 18 years old to apply to come to America – the cost of being raised is upon the shoulders of the parents in their native country – not on the American taxpayer.

Each and Every Employer who is found to have ILLEGALS in their employ after August 1, 2013 will be fined a minimum of $2 Million dollars per ILLEGAL employee, and be placed on a watch list for violating the Immigration laws.

The border fence will be built with prison labor and it will be built as a double fence with an active mine field in between the two fences. Property owners along the border will be compensated for the taking by eminent domain for the property that is needed to create the double fence and mine field.

The Border Patrol will be properly manned with ARMED agents who will have the authority and the AMMO to shoot anyone who manages to get across the double fence and mine field.

This will reduce the INVADERS from entering as well as reduce the prison population in America. We shouldn’t be housing ILLEGALS to begin with. They are just another cost to the American taxpayer.

Then, all expenses we incur due to the ILLEGALS shall be billed to the parties country of origin. If that nation refuses to pay up at once then all trade with that nation shall immediately cease until the bill is paid in full with interest.

Submit the above to your Congress Critter and those who refuse to support this plan are your enemy and they are aiding and abetting the ILLEGALS. We know the Democrats will refuse and so will many Republicans because they all have that GREED in their political hearts and will dig in to keep the $$$ and votes coming to their pockets until WE, The People, remove them from office with true Americans.

Capitol Switchboard 1-202-224-3121 send them a message – not a white flag

Jackie Juntti

Immigration reform: deal inches closer as Republicans propose ‘human fence’

~ The Author ~
Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

7 thoughts on “Juntti: What Time is it Kids?

  1. Craig Tarter

    I missed that; thanks for pointing out what should have been the obvious. Maybe the fact that they are both just caricatures of something else threw me off.

  2. hippybiker

    Take all the illegals who are killed to be cremated after their heads are removed and placed on poles in the mine field.

  3. Craig Tarter

    Immigration control needs some teeth in it…like say, every American citizen armed to the teeth. The further into the country you get, the more danger you’re in. As bad as it may sound, if this country is to survive we need to do some serious domestic housecleaning. Liberal are you? Do you recognize this clicking noise? That would be me taking the safety off! Another thing. Why is it that your penalty is more drastic if you euthanize a “public servant”, versus the typical tax paying citizen? They would like to think of it as homicide.

  4. minute-man

    How well put, -and with very few words too.

    Now we must get ‘our’ gummin’t to move with such decisiveness!

    I say, let’s all take 15-20 minutes out of our busy day and call and PESTER THE BEEJEEBERS out of our ‘elected representatives’ until they know us by voice when we call AGAIN every few days.

    That’s the least we can do for our forebears, to help them get some peace from constantly rolling over in their graves for the last 30 or more years…

  5. Osh

    Love it. thanks Granny. Needs one more step however to actually get the job done. I like to refer to it as “Operation Pre-Stress-The-Border”. Everybody knows that pre-stressed load bearing concrete and steel is simply pre-loading during manufacture of the item, in the opposite direction of the force or load it will bear under use. The same idea would help with the border. Pre-stress by using our military to push the wets and would-be wets back in the opposite direction from which they invade us now. “Push’em back, push’em back w-a-a-a-y back” as the old football cheer goes, lets say to the border of what is now Guatemala. Yep, means emptying Mexico in a southern direction instead of the northern one being done at this time. Yep, means toppling another regime, this time in Mexico, not Viet Nam, Cuba or the Middle east, but no problem for a stepper like O eh? Put the drones used to control the US citizen now, flying the entirety of Mexico, and “deal” with any northern movement the way O deals with wedding parties and little girls jumping rope in their own school yards all over the rest of the world with the war on terror. …Shouldn’t be much of a stretch since its our lives and country at stake now….. and when the “war” is over, the Mexican nationals will be happy, as we, the American taxpayer, will then go in and rebuild Mexico into a new country from its flattened state, with all new industry, equipment, roads, etc like we go do every time we win a war with anybody…Germany, and certainly Japan, being prime examples. They got the new rollers for the steel plants while ours were wore out from war production…guess who lead the steel markets when the plants got moving? Hint: it was not Bethlehem nor USX. Then who ever is now the President of Mexico can become the new leader of the UN and sue the USA for more money to erase its sovereignty and raise the banner of the one world government…. One thing we CAN do for a start. Stop the displaying of the Mexican Flag over our USA government buildings, and stop the mandatory singing of the Mexican National Anthem in our schools. And when you attend functions like ball games, where OUR national anthem is played, cease to put up with the screaming shenanigans of the wets and their anchor children in the stands when everybody is supposed to be quietly standing at attention. The very least you can do is tell them to shut the hell up and if it causes a fight, well, so did the shot heard round the world..it was “just for starters” too…..

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