Ashurst: A Border Manifesto

I believe story telling to be an art form, certainly verbal record is the oldest form of recording history and recognized by historians worldwide. There is an old adage among those who love to tell a good tale, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” And yet there are times when the truth is even more fantastic than exaggeration. What I write here is the truth, plain and simple.

I reside on, and manage a large cattle ranch in the far southeastern corner of Arizona. I’ve been here for 13 years and in that time frame have become far too familiar with the illegal trafficking in human beings, marijuana and other illicit drugs. Some have called it “the wetback culture” or “America’s border problem”. Lately it’s been taking steroids.

The recent murder of Robert Krentz by an illegal alien has received massive amounts of publicity worldwide. I live on the ranch bordering the Krentz ranch to the east and north. I can see the Krentz home looking out of my front door approximately 10 miles away. The day after Rob’s death I was involved in tracking the outlaw into Mexico. I saw the outlaw’s footprints where he crossed the border fence. I mention this to say I feel that I’m qualified to speak about current border issues.

My home has been broken into twice. My son’s home has been broken into also and between us we have had between twenty and thirty thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen from us including two ranch pick-ups, a four wheeler, 9 firearms (including a loaded AK 47) cash, jewelry all of our credit cards, driver’s license, etc. A guest house here on the ranch has been broken into so many times we quit counting… many times we haven’t even called the Sheriff’s dept. The Cochise County Sheriff’s dept. has no less than fifteen reports on file where I’ve called for assistance dealing with an outlaw illegal alien.

Several months ago, not long after Rob Krentz’s death, Fox news (channel 10 in Phoenix AZ) contacted me and expressed interest in coming down and doing a news story about me and the problems myself and other ranchers in this area have had in recent months with illegal outlaws. To prepare for my interview with Fox, I asked for assistance from six other neighboring ranchers and businessmen. All of these men are prominent men in the community, tax payers, business owners and individuals who have the best of reputations. Together we made a map of the area which covered from the southeastern corner of AZ going west about 20 miles to the silver creek area, and going north about 30 miles to the area around the towns of Portal, AZ and Rodeo, N.M. On this map we made marks recording violations to United States law committed by illegal aliens. We did not use government statistics (we wouldn’t know how to get them) but recorded incidents that we knew had happened first hand, many of which we had witnessed. We tried to record only the incidents that have happened in the last several years.

  • The sum total of what we recorded is this:
  • The arrest or capture of 40 illegal in one bunch – 40

(we didn’t bother with the countless smaller groups)

  • Loads of Marijuana found and captured – 213
  • Dangerous encounters with illegal aliens – 132

(assault, burglaries, forced entries, etc.)

  • Dead illegal aliens found by civilians – 16
  • High speed vehicle chases between dope haulers and law enforcement – 14
  • Illegal aliens spotted with firearms – 12
  • Fires started by illegal aliens – 9

Over 100,000 acres burned with the cost to taxpayers of $ 40,000,000. One fire near Portal AZ in June of 2010 cost $10,000,000. to fight (forest Service estimate)

  • Outlandish incidents – 4

Example: One bachelor in the Portal area was burglarized around 100 times. He finally took all his valuables and put them in a steel vault and welded the door shut. He then moved out of his house into a shed hoping the illegal aliens would leave him alone. They did not and he finally abandoned his property. Another outlandish event was when outlaws stole a brand new Caterpillar motor grader on the Geronimo Trail east of Douglas, AZ and drove south through the border fence never to be seen again. The grader belonged to Cochise County Hwy Dept.

  • Financial losses to private sector – $100,000,000.00

(losses in real estate value, personal property, etc., losses in wildlife habitat – immeasurable)

Last but certainly not least, the murder of Rob Krentz, which is right in the center of our map.

Let me put this in perspective. The area I’m talking about is an area that covers approximately 17 or 18 townships with only 20 miles being adjacent to the US – Mexico Boundary. Within this area, there is a population of perhaps 600 people, 90% of which reside in Rodeo, N.M. or Portal, AZ, 30 miles or so north of Mexico. No less than 80% of the people in this area have been burglarized or otherwise molested by illegal aliens. This area is about half as big as the Diamond A ranch or Babbitt ranch in northern AZ, both of which I’ve been employed on.

~ The Author ~

I’m sorry to report that this, in my opinion, is the small part of the story. The Mexican-American border has taken a dramatic change for the worse in the last several years. Those of us who live here see it first hand. As early as February of 1999 Sheriff Larry Dever warned me and others at a town hall meeting at the Apache School that the Sinaloa Cartel was moving into the Douglas-Agua Prieta area (Rob Krentz was at this meeting). The cities of Nuevo Laredo, Coahila, Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, and other border towns south of Texas have been controlled by outlaws for years. There is virtually no law enforcement in those places. The law is the law of the jungle. Until the last two years it seemed that Agua Prieta and Nogales were safer places but that has dramatically changed in recent months.

I am personally acquainted with 2 Mexican men, that I know to be honest and trustworthy, who have been involved first hand with Mexican outlaw terrorist acts. One witnessed first hand an execution of several people in broad daylight in Juarez. Several weeks later his daughter witnessed an assassination in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua no more than fifteen feet from where she stood. The other man is a legal Mexican green card holder (who was employed by the Krentz family for years) whose nephew was murdered by cartel members in Sonora. At night people in Douglas are hearing machine gun fire from Agua Prieta south of the border fence.

The Sinaloa Cartel is now putting a stranglehold on Agua Prieta. No more than 2 months ago 8 armed Mexicans were confronted by 2, U.S. Border Patrol agents north of the International Boundary in southeast Cochise County disguised as Federalizes. They were in fact cartel employees armed with assault rifles and automatic pistols. Mexican people that know tell me the situation in Agua Prieta has deteriorated dramatically in recent months. The good people are told to look the other way “or else.” Volumes could be written about this subject alone, but I will move on.

You could ask, “So what does this have to do with us living north of the border fence?” Plenty! The situation on the border isn’t just about a few workers walking north. It has everything to do with big business. Billions of dollars are being made trafficking humans, drugs, and contraband across the International Boundary. The Sinaloa Cartel, headed by Chapo Guzman and others, is reaping huge profits doing business along the border. The average coyote charges $1500 – $2500 to guide an illegal alien north to find work; usually abandoning them a short distance north of the line. A young man willing to pack dope north can make more than a construction worker or a teacher in the U.S. and only work a day or two a week.

This is not all south of the line. I could take you and show you businesses where checks and credit cards are not accepted and where very few customers walk through the door, yet the owners live in the largest mansions in town and drive very expensive cars. Could there be some money laundering going on? There are only two industries of any significance in Douglas, AZ: law enforcement (Douglas has one of the largest Border Patrol stations in America), and the illegal trafficking of drugs, people, etc. across the border. These two industries feed on each other, and the powers that be seem happy with the situation. Crooked politicians look good to the public when they clean up drunk driving and prostitution, until you find they own bars and whore houses south of the line. These things have happened!

But this, in my opinion, is only the beginning. Chapo Guzman who heads up the Sinaloa Cartel is a multibillionaire. This guy and others like him may be cruel and sinister people but they are also very smart businessmen. They are reaping profits off of the largest tax free unregulated business on the planet. They have so much cash they are befuddled what to do with it all. But they are going to figure it out.

There are rumors that Guzman is financing modern, state of the art feedlots and packing houses in Mexico with plans to overtake America as the Western hemisphere’s leading beef producer. This is probably only a small part of his plans. Mexico is a nation rich in natural recourses. Petroleum is abundant and the corrupt Mexican government is in control of all of it. Pemex is the only gas station in town. Pemex, because of the incompetent Mexican government, is broke. Chapo Guzman is at war with the Mexican government and has dreams (not unrealistic) of controlling the entire nation. Think of all of Mexico’s natural resources in the control of Chapo Guzman! He already has the most profitable business in the world – selling Marijuana to your next door neighbor. Think what he could do with a tax free unregulated strangle hold on a nation of poor people begging to work for practically nothing.

Do you think that Chapo Guzman and others like him haven’t thought of all of this? Do you think that Guzman isn’t laughing all the way to the bank as he watches the evening news and hears how the American Government proclaims that the situation on the border is under control? What is going on in northern Mexico is capitalism in its rawest form. They have an untaxed unregulated business making huge profits and they have no plans of closing up shop any time soon. We here in the U.S. are overtaxed, overregulated and being smothered by increasingly intrusive government that makes it hard to do business in a successful manner. You don’t have to be rocket scientist to figure this one out.

This has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat or Latino or White. It has everything to do with being right or wrong. I came from a long line of Democrats. My great uncle was a U.S. Senator for several decades. My grandfather was an attorney, and a Superior Court Judge. I have a 1939 copy of a Time Magazine with his picture when he ran as a Democrat for Congress. The only time in history the U.S deficit was paid off was by a Democrat – Andrew Jackson. John Kennedy announced nearly 50 years ago that America could put a man on the moon and in less than a decade we did it.

I am now a registered Republican, but I’m not a Democrat hater. But, how can the president of the “can do” nation of Andrew Jackson’s and JFK’s party say we can’t seal the border? We conquered Adolph Hitler in World War II, but can’t seal the border? We put a man on the moon but can’t seal a leaking oil well in less than 90 days? While this is going on we tax and regulate American business with a vengeance that stifles the free market system that has made our country great. While Janet Napolitano announces the border is safer than ever, Chapo Guzman and others pack billions of American dollars south to invest in a tax free market with one of the largest cheap labor force on the planet at his disposal!

I challenge you to come to Douglas, AZ and drive east on the Geronimo Trail, or northeast on US Hwy 80 to places on the map like Chiracahua and Apache. Or go to Rodeo and Hatchita, NM. Go and search out the 5 biggest cattle ranches in the Apache, AZ area and ask them what they think. Go to Hidalgo County, N.M. and ask the ranchers and cowboys there what they are seeing and hearing. Ask the people who we do business with what they think of our opinions. I challenge you to ask the prominent people in this area, who work hard and pay taxes if they agree with Barack Obama or Ed Ashurst when it comes to what is really going on near the U.S.-Mexican border. Unlike Obama and others I don’t have to be surrounded by sycophants to make a statement. I purposefully left out the names of those who helped me with my map and the data I collected when preparing for the Fox interview.

In closing I challenge you to look around to see if what I say is the truth. This isn’t about a few Mexicans wandering around looking for a job. This is about American civilization going into a time of tremendous change – a building has foundations and walls, maybe the foundation of our country is still strong, I don’t know, but the walls have certainly fallen down and the keepers of the house are out to lunch.

July 25, 2010

Ed Ashurst, Apache Arizona

Submitted by the author to the Federal Observer for publication.

30 thoughts on “Ashurst: A Border Manifesto

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  2. Andrew J Best Sr

    At 75 years of age with 34 years of law enforcement I find that our country is really sliding downhill like a snowball headed for hell. If we do not throw the bums out in November – I may have to move to Costa Rica.

  3. Gail Calhoun

    Why not bury meat in the ground and lay plywood over top of it and plastic to promote bees- a natural very effective border control? Could be highly effective and 24/7 and cheap- all sorts of help. Maybe save some lives, too.

  4. Mia

    If marijuana is legalized, what is there to enforce???

    It’s the draconian drug laws that created the black market, attracting the most violent and criminal elements to exploit that black market, and our refusal to secure our borders has empowered those violent criminals. Once we stop persecuting people exercising their God-given right to cultivate and use a God-given plant, the black market dries up.

  5. Sam Adams

    Queenie, How would YOU enforce the legalization of illegal drugs? Always a great libertarian solution to a difficult solution, but I’ve never heard how people like you would enforce legalization/taxation without federal agents. The international solution is close down the open border areas and re-establish naval/coast guard sea patrols. Then we can spend more time wiping out the local yokel drug suppliers. And in the mean time, increase American jobs by building many large, union free prisons.

  6. The Publisher Post author

    As I have stated in my email response to you, regular readers and contributors to the Federal Observer (over the past 9+ years), are aware of my proclivity for old movies. If you had taken the time to review the site – instead of just this one entry – you would have noted this. The majority of our columnists, have images used, which are not photographs of themselves.

    In the case of Ed Ashurst, this is done for his own safety, and that of his family.

    So, as mentioned to you, dear one-time reader, get a life, pay attention to the B I G picture, and don’t sweat the small stuff – in other words, the things you do not understand.

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  8. Gay Deitrich-MacLean

    If Mr. Ashurst is telling the truth, why did he need to put a picture of the actor Tommy Lee Jones from the movie The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and claim that it is a picture of the Arizona Rancher?

  9. Truth On The Border

    Thank you for this important and informative account. People have to wake up to what is going on – both on the border and in our country.

    There is a really good website with a lot of information about the border, federal lands, and the impacts that result from the ridiculous management practices of federal agencies that ties the hands of law enforcement.

    Here are several videos on the border situation:
    The Harsh Realities Along the Mexican Border (warning – graphic)

    The Price of Admission – Wilderness Rape Trees

    Rape Trees – A Look At The Numbers

    Trash On The Border

    Border Wilderness – Too Dangerous for the Public

    Realities of Wilderness on the Border – Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

    Wilderness Threatens Border Security

    Realities of Wilderness on the Border – HIDTA Report

    Headlines on Federal Lands and our UNSECURE BORDER







  11. Richard

    As abhorrent a subject has ever been, legalizing drugs must be; sooner, rather than later, seriously be considered. The Eighteenth Amendment: Prohibition of alcohol (Repealed by Twenty-first Amendment), clearly shows morality cannot be regulated. We’ve thrown a Trillion dollars at this through our law enforcement efforts in the last 10 years. Common sense says this is the wrong approach to problems directly attributable to our porous borders, and misguided efforts to change human nature, and social aberration.

  12. Redle

    A citizen’s militia is the only solution to the maddness. Your government will NOT help you…they stand to lose too much if they do.

    Why not support the militia who are more than willing to support you?

  13. Mary Ann

    I am so sorry for what the people in Arizona have to deal with. Even more that our government is not there to help them. This should never be. I can hardly believe where our country is headed or the fact that our own government is leading us there. I worry for the future of my children. Even if Obama is not re-elected, can the damage ever be undone?

  14. Diane

    Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo at the end of the Mexican/American war.
    Now they are breaking that treaty by invading the United States and even encouraging
    their citizens to violate our laws.

    Doesn’t this legal treaty mean anything anymore?

    The territory involved didn’t even belong to Mexico in the first place. There were inhabitants of this territory living here for centuries before the Spanish arrived.
    Native Americans!
    The Mexicans were only here according to some historians for only 25 years!

  15. WARLOC

    I understand all of what is going on But for one THING. I and many others are doing the Job that our FECKLESS Government Refuses to do. We pay for our own Fuel to drive across country. We miss work and Income which is vital these days.We buy our own NV gear FIRST AID AMMO GUNS EVERYTHING out of our POCKET not one dime comes from outside sources. And we put our lives on the line. Here is my Question???? WHERE ARE THESE BIG TIME RANCHERS WITH ANY SUPPORT FOR US?????? Why do we not have horses and 4 wheelers at our disposal why do they not support the MILITIA in this border WAR???? We have over 300 men coming in to this Area in the next few days and NOT ONE DIME FROM ANYONE. So STAND UP PUT UP OR SHUT UP about the problem SUPPORT THE MILITIA NOW Go to here and make a DONATION

  16. wadcutter9mm

    In years passed I have traveled the border from Columbus NM all the way to near Nogolas AZ and I know that all above is true. SEAL THE BORDER

  17. June

    Why is this brave man and his family not getting protection from those who were elected to fo that very thing? We send people and goods to the end of the earth to help foreigners who hate us, then leave our own people at the mercy of the invaders. Mexico declared war on us a long time ago, yet our leaders allow its President to come here, revile us and our laws, and say they are “partners.” It’s absolutely unbelievable. I’ve lived a long time and never have I seen the disconnect between our leaders and us as I’ve seen in this young adminstration. Just think what the next tew years will bring. We must replace this circus with true Americans who will put our interests above those who wish to destroy this nation.

  18. MainStreet

    The Federal government is willing to sacrifice our heritage for the sake of votes for their progressive/regressive values. What Bob B.. says is right. The North/South Korea border can be secured. Why not our Southern border. The effect of this “invasion” from our South is helping Obama to destroy our economy and spreading lawlessness throughout our country. As Obama’s mentor, Saul Alinsky said, you must tear it down before you can rebuild it the way you want it.

  19. Debbie McLaughlin

    My husband and I have known Ed for many many years, and we did not know all that he has dealt with living so close to the border.I hope everyone who reads this understands that we here in Arizona are fighting to keep our state and our people safe and that if we here don’t do something, we damn sure know the Feds are not going to help. When Napolitano was governor she did not do an damn thing to stop the madness. Our current Governor Jan Brewer, is one of the guttiest and strongest leaders we have had in a long time. She has the “balls” that the President does not have, and she will continue the fight for as long as she has too. Just remember folks, Ed has a son with a wife, and 4 little girls that live down the road from him, and they have endured a lot. We have to keep these people in our thoughts and prayers – living where they do!

  20. Chris Lucas

    I wonder how such a problem can be ignored. How can a great nation’s borders not be defended? We defended Europe in WWII. Why is there such a high suicide rate of the Border Patrol Officers? Is is because they are working and risking their lives for their country and citizens and are not supported by our government? Because they are purposely set up for a losing battle and know it? How demeaning and insulting.

    This is not a problem for just AZ and NM. This is a major problem for all. The Boulder School district in CO has had to lay off teachers and staff. It just received a saving grace of federal funds. The amount of property taxes going to the school district is disgraceful. This money funds paras from Spanish speaking countries so as to communicate with the children of the outlaws. We have duplicate classes so those who speak little to no English can be in school. All classes should be in English, except for the language electives.

    These children are used as pawns. They are so innocent, how could we deprive and persecute them. We are not depriving or persecuting, we are harming our own children and those of immigrants who are assimilating and have paid money and taken the steps to enter our country legally, whether on visas, green cards or as naturalized citizens. We don’t hire teachers from France, Viet Nam, Russia. This is big money. I know from personal experience these illegal children know they don’t have to learn English. They cry rascism if one even suggests practicing English. Let’s take our schools, hospitals and work force back now. The jobs the illegals covet used to be had by high school and college students.

    Obama has an agenda. He does not seem to care about polls or re election. He will push to get his changes in and re election won’t matter.


  22. Lee Ann

    Mr. Ashurst,

    Thank you for sharing your true story. This type of activity and many other illogical decisions are occurring rapidly.

    I have been trying to figure out how to make my voice heard. I go to Tea Parties, write to my congressman and vote but it doesn’t seem to be enough. What can I do? I ask you because I already respect you and your articulate manner for which I use to know you.

    Just this week, Obama said he sees the polls and knows he is not popular but he is not in a popularity contest. He was referring to the Mosque at Ground Zero. It was popularity that got him into the office and now popularity does matter?

    Or comments like Nancy Polosi that say something like oh, let’s just pass the health care bill and see what’s in it later. The illogical decisions are down right scaring me. Now, thanks to her, I get to pay taxes on my benefits to pay for those who do not want to become legal and pay taxes. I actually read the 1054 pages of the health care bill and it is STUPID and taxing.

    I ask of you to tell me what I can do to stop this tornado ripping our nation apart.


    I’m not a drug user but…..maybe if we legalized some of these drugs we could make drug-running less attractive. The taxes generated would pay off our national debt quicker than you can say ‘illegal’ AND the people who do use drugs might be in less danger of ingesting contaminated/no quality control substances.

    Of course, that would cut down on the employment of DEA agents, corruption within the ranks of law enforcement and the number of drug cartels. What a concept!

  24. Kathryn

    I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this AND Obama and his ridiculous “plans” to “help” the country. I’m hoping November 2010 starts a change in which politicians realize their job is NOT to schmooze and feather their own nests but to serve “We the People”. God willing we will be able to get back to the values that made this country great – sealing the border is one of most important steps!

  25. Bob B.

    I don’t understand how we can send American servicemen and women to seal the border of countries like South Korea, Taiwan & Germany for example, and yet we can’t seal our own border against illegal immigration and the vices that come with it.

    What is wrong with our government and why can’t the officials that were elected to protect our country be impeached for not performing the duties and responsibilities that go with the office they hold?

  26. I was down there fighting this battle in the 1990's

    I nearly lost my life to law enforcement corruption down in Southern Arizona. Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? Well, it’s pretty sad when you have an F.B.I. (dirty) agent, with the (dirty) A.U.S.A. (knauss) telling you that it’s ‘okay’ that you be ‘murdered’ because you’ve been digging up too much dirt, “you’ve pissed everyone off..”

    I bet I did. I found that Manny Tapia, who’s family was predominantly a mexican drug cartel in and of it’s own right, was ‘murdered’ by his partner in a setup / faked ‘drug bust gone bad’ and that the actual thing that killed Manny is another deputy from the P.C.S.O., a female, went into his hospital room and injected a big fat air bubble into his I.V. line.

    the corruption down there in Arizona, under the acting Sheriff’s and other corrupt filth wearing badges, is beyond your wildest nightmares.

    and had it not been for the fact that Richard Thornburgh actually sent me assistance, and a friend at W.G.B.H. in Boston (FRONTLINE) who helped me, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this. I would be dead. Just like Manny Tapia, the only’ non drug trafficker’ in the Tapia clan in Southern Arizona.

    and it’s really sad that the sorry corrupt pile of human waste that was the Sheriff in Pima County, still is.

    there’s no hope for you ranchers, in other words. Your own government is aiding and abetting and protecting the drug cartels.

    one DEA lecturer estimated on any given day back then, 40 percent of Airzona’s GDP, came from narcotics trafficking operations. Nobody in the federal government wants to turn that tap off. Nobody.

    your only hope is to form your own MILITIA and fight both trafficker, and government agent alike, because they’re BOTH WORKING AGAINST YOU.

  27. RLee

    I have worked throughout the area of the Southeastern part of AZ. I was based out of El Frida near Douglas, with VQ. I worked that area when the U.S. granted immigration status to the male Cuban boat people who Castro emptied from his prisons. I have worked with the teenage offspring of coyotes who bragged that their father or uncle made more in a day than law enforcement in the U.S. made in a month. I befriended a man named Norman who helped us break/tame the BLM horses for our camps; a man who worked with John Wayne and had a rich background and history of southern AZ. I also befriended a man whose family helped settle the land north of Nogales, and who is now a DEA agent and whose father was an AZ Appellate Court Judge. I know the southern portions of AZ along the border with Mexico, not as well as you but back in 1985, southern Arizona did not experience the trash, the death, the crime, and the wanton desire to dissolve southern Arizona into Mexico.

    The current actions of the drug cartels of Mexico might as well be Mexico invading the U.S. These actions of the crime syndicates of Mexico are a declaration of war against a sovereign nation – America. I suggest American citizens contact their legislative representatives and call them home from Washington; call them on the carpet; demand that all financial aide to Mexico cease until the government stops the crime against America; demand that active duty military combat troops be deployed to the southern borders of Mexico to send a clear message to Mexico and the cartels-stop or suffer; be a neighbor or be the enemy; and if the elected representatives do not heed the citizens call for an end-then vote them out this November. The voting roll calls will tell us who is in the back pocket of Mexico and the cartels.

    And if the cartels won’t cease, then post bounties. Make a deck of cards with all their faces on them and declare war on those who would use drug smuggling, human trafficking & slavery as forms of weapons of mass destruction against our nation. America can surely expire slowly or be wiped out instantly with mass casualties and loss of life with drugs/human trafficking/slavery or with other forms of WMD.

    One thing is for sure, citizens in the Unites States of America are tired. Tired of the lies, the abuse, the money laundering, the tearing down of our economy by 1% of the population, the looking the other way type politicians in Washington while having their hand out, the corporate anarchists that seek to vilify the U.S. while betting against their own nation on Wall Street; and the raping and plundering of our youth in undeclared wars against terrorists in other countries while our very borders are overrun by those same terrorists.

    We are tired, and demand that the borders with Mexico change, become safer, become the commercial highway they were meant to be, and change now.

    Other American citizens I know believe too that the legislators better get a spine and get one quick or they might just see American’s boycotting on election day by not showing. A sign of no confidence.

    The Appellate Judge once declared that “the only reason America doesn’t have anarchy to this day, is because the vast majority of people in America continue to want to engage each other civilly. When civility stops, anarchy fills the void.”

    On the border, it’s anarchy and I don’t think too many Americans care much about being civil with pirates, smugglers, or dealers of death and despair.

    And hey Washington politicians – on a closely related note – I question the effectiveness and loyalty of any politician or politician’s staff member who maintains a dual citizenship. You cannot pledge your oath or allegiance to two masters. If you receive a government paycheck then you need to choose to either keep your job and swear allegiance to America only or quit and get a non-government job.

  28. Jim

    Though I would still not become a card carrying republican, I do believe in protecting our borders and the people that live by them.

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